Wanted: Guest Posts

Why should I do all the heavy lifting? You guys know stuff—share! Indies Unlimited is interested in featuring guest posts from authors on any of the following topics:

Top 10 lists (to do, not do, pet peeves, best giveaways, favorites in a specific genre, etc…)


Pro or con on sticking with one genre

Dealing with writer’s block

How to find a qualified editor/proofreader/beta reader, etc…

How to write a cover blurb

How to pitch your book to a publisher or agent

Things to look for and beware of in a publisher’s contract offer

Interesting ways to get publicity for your work

Use of foreshadowing

Essentials of writing in a specific genre (horror, suspense, mystery, adventure, fantasy, etc…)

Writing for children

Protecting your work

Writer’s Workshops (pro or con)

Your best day as a writer

Effective strategies for dealing with negative reviews

Of course, there is no money. However, you do get your picture and a bio and links to your sites and what-not to run in complement with the article, PLUS on your deathbed, you will receive total enlightenment. So you’ll have that going for you. If you are an author who would like to submit a guest post for any of these topics, or have another interesting topic you’d like to pitch, please see the contact page and e-mail me. Thanks!

Author: Administrators

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