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In honor of Cathy Speight joining the team and JD Mader’s birthday, we’re throwing a party! Grab a drink and throw your coats over there. This is how it works: If you are an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, book reviewer, (or especially a book-lover), etc. , in the comments below, paste in the links for your page, your blog, your website, and your Twitter. Make sure you show some love to the links in the comments above yours, and check back throughout the day to catch up.

This should be fun and should generate a lot of likes, follows, etc. for everyone who plays. I’ll kick things off with mine. let’s get the party started!

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86 thoughts on “Indies Unlimited Facebook, Website, Blog, and Twitter-Fest!”

  1. Hi, I'm Ey Wade. Author of several books in various genre' from history to kiddie. Take a trip on over and check them out.

    Blogs: &

    I'm going to copy and say: Welcome Cathy, Happy Birthday JD, Thanks Steve, it was a great party. Meet a lot of nice people. I'll be popping in throughout the day. Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Hello, all, and Merry Holidays! I have one novel out in paperback and ebook, and one free story on Smashwords (99 cents on Amazon). You can learn more about both at my website,

    The novel is Twin-Bred, and its Facebook page just needs a few more "likes" before I get a better URL for it:
    (I'm on a virtual book tour for Twin-Bred right now, and the Twin-Bred Facebook page has links to all the tour stops as they appear.)

    My author page on Facebook is
    Blog (Looking Around):
    Twitter: WordsmithWyle

  3. Hello! Happy holidays & a very Merry Merry Christmas for the weekend to Indie people everywhere 🙂

    I write all sorts (not the sweeties) and have 4 books out at the moment: Kaleidoscope (poems) and the Kiwi Series (kitties & kids go investigating). My links are:

    Twitter: @vickiejohnstone


    I don't have a website, but I'm on Goodreads.

    Thanks! Happy reading, writing and making merry 🙂


  4. Wow, I'm late, but I brought margaritas! Nice to see you all, and thank you! I'm Laurie Boris, and I write commercial/literary fiction with a little humor and romance mixed in. I'm the author of THE JOKE'S ON ME (out in paperback) and DRAWING BREATH, a literary YA novel I'm rolling out in installments.

    Website and blog:
    Twitter: (are we sensing a trend here?)

    Book FB pages: /thejokesonme.novel and /drawingbreath

    Come visit!

  5. Hi everyone, I'm M.L.Gardner, author of Jonathan's Cross–historical fiction set at the start of the Great Depression. My twitter is set up to tweet about Indie books of all genres. Send me an email with your tweet and tiny url link if you want to be included in the daily tweets. I only ask for kindle book "likes" in exchange.


    Email–[email protected]

    Nice to meet everyone and look forward to reading some of your work!


  6. I see Stephen Hise and Amanda McLain-Young up there, who I know from our facebook page Writers of Mass Distraction. Hi, you two!

    I'm William Kendall, author of the upcoming Heaven & Hell, a counter-terrorism thriller set in the Middle East. And as my other pen name James Morgan, I'm co-author of the forthcoming Same Time Tomorrow, with my partner Scarlett Martin.

    My blog can be found at:
    Our joint blog is right here:

    My facebook author's page is here:

    And my twitter account is here:!/WilliamKendall1

  7. Hi everyone! I write the Saucy Lucy mystery series, and the latest just recently published through Amazon, "A Killer Slice." I will also have an urban fantasy published in early 2012. This is a great way to meet new folks and I'm excited to read new things from all of you!

    FB page -
    Blog -
    Twitter -!/CindyKeenReynders (@littlewing1959)

  8. Hello … what a great idea! I've published 6 books–both nonfiction & fiction. The most recent came out this November, "A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story," bio of actor, Jack Kelly, of TV's "Maverick."

    I'm also co-host of an internet radio show, "Three Wise Girls." We interview folks w/neat-o stories, so let me know if you've a story to tell. ; > Would love to make new friends … Facebook & Twitter.

    Blog Talk Radio – Three Wise Girls:!/ThreeWi

  9. Wow, look at them all! I'm late to the game…

    Hi, I'm Valerie Douglas – multi-genre writer of everything from fantasy to thrillers! I've got fourteen books out at last count, and number fifteen is coming soon!

    Facebook –
    Twitter – ValerieDouglasA

    Webpage –
    Blog –
    (are we seeing a trend here? It's not ego, really it's not. Well, maybe a little!)

  10. Awesome party. Has taken me a little while to get through the list, but I'm glad I have. Found some interesting books.

    I am a paranormal romance and dark fantasy author. So, vampires that drink blood, dragons that eat people, and love conquering all. I blog short stories and about whatever catches my eyes. My site also contains a lot of free short stories.

    Site – Raven.YouAreAnnoying.Us

    Blog –

    Twitter – @ravencorinn

    Facebook page – Raven Corinn Carluk author

    Nice to meet y'all. And thanks much.

      1. Wow…this is quite a happy clicking exercise….on Facebook, starting with from my personal page, (so that the "like" will count), then switching back to my author page to say "hello", NEXT I will go back and follow everyone on Twitter. Yikes! Websites and blogs to discover too. HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  11. Hi, all & happy solstice. I am the author of a poetry collection, Here at Least, and a memoir, Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother. it will take me a few days to get through this list but here's my info:

    Monday Morning Books Blog:
    Facebook Page:

  12. Hello everyone,

    I'm always late to the party it seems. But I'm here now.

    I'm Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton, writing under Jacqueline Hopkins and JR Hopkins. I released Wilderness Heart this year, a contemporary romance. I also write murder mysteries, serial killer, mainstream fiction, and currently working on a time travel historical romance.

    Here's my facebook page:
    My blog:

    I think I got everyone liked, followed, etc from the beginning down to Vanessa. I'll finish up tomorrow with everyone else, it's freezing here and I can't get warm so going to my "bunk", get under the covers and try to read a bit.

    Great party, Stephen and thanks so much for having it and us.

  13. Hi, I'm an artist and author of a poetry collection, booksigning veteran, stories featured in many print and e-pub anthologies, newest on Amazon 'A Whimsical Holiday for Children', blogger, working on several series for Prickly Sage, Patchwork Saga, NatSplat. Love to write and meet new friends. It will take me a few days to work through this list. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    To follow DreamSculptr Academy blog 1, log to http://www.
    Blog 2:
    On Facebook:
    LinkedIn :

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  14. My book, "Neruda's Memoirs" is a collection of poetry, published this past January by T.S. Poetry Press.

    I blog at Writing Without Paper:



    I'm also on LinkedIn, SheWrites, Dystenium.

    I have a small art business, Transformational Threads (

  15. Hi everyone! I am a new author, still unpublished. I've completed two books now that I am revising to get published and currently working on my third. Fantasy and Romance are the two genres I am working with right now.

    I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see a place where so many writers come together. I've been hanging out with the Writers of Mass Distraction for the past year and have learned so much from each and every one of them. I have added your info to my favorite pages, blogs, and tweets. Keep up the fantastic job! You all are so motivational! I'm putting my info down just in case you want it.

    My facebook page:

    My Blogs:

    Twitter:(I'm very new to twitter)!/daenira

    Happy writing to everyone!

  16. Hi I am a new indie author and published several ebooks this year – poetry, supernatural/horror, and biography. My biography ebooks are about my disease Wegener's Granulomatosis, a Vasculitis disease.

    My facebook author page:

    My Blogs:

    Information on WG – Sierra Sage

    My creative blog – Scrambled Sage

    My website:


    I am also on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Linkedin, etc.

  17. Hello all, just popping back by to say thanks for all of the 'Likes' and I'll go through the list and return the favor to all that have posted since. Thanks again.

  18. Wow I'm super late to this party but still glad to be here. I'm an editor, writer, and publishing consultant who works with indie authors and those on other publishing paths as well. I'm an avid reader in both print and digital now that I have a Kindle (sadly I got it this past summer right before the Touch came out). I'm a fan of the independent spirit and excited to have discovered some interesting new writers here!

    Blog (writing/publishing):
    Biz FB Page:
    Twitter handle: AllyPeltier

  19. I think I'm finally caught up liking everyone.

    By the way, here's the link to my amazon author page:

    I currently have out two books in my Spirit of the Wolf werewolf romance series. (many more to follow). I'm also working on a fantasy novel right now. I'm hoping to get that one finished soon so I can try releasing it as an ebook on smashwords. Any authors who have done that with their books and have any comments or feedback, please let me know if it was a good experience for you. Thanks.

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