Book Signing Blues – Part 1

A couple of my author friends have related stories to me about book signings that didn’t go well at all. To say they didn’t go well is an understatement. They stank on ice—they were death on a stick. I feel for these authors. They basically killed an afternoon, sitting there at their table full of books and people were walking around them like they were girls with herpes sores running a kissing booth.

Now, I have personally never held a book signing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know absolutely everything of value about it. Trust me, I’ve been an armchair quarterback for years, and it’s a well-known fact in my mind that if the Oakland Raiders had listened to me, they would have won every single Superbowl since the seventies. Yeah, I know they won a few in there. They got lucky. Shut up. Continue reading “Book Signing Blues – Part 1”

Meet the Author: Vickie Johnstone

Author Vickie Johnstone

Author Vickie Johnstone  says she is not quite sure what sets her writing apart, except that when she does start writing, she writes very quickly. Bad news for slow readers I guess. “My poetry is like flash poetry – I write it without thinking really. . . I was walking home from the supermarket yesterday and I happened to look at the moon. It had this big, shadowy cloud passing across it like a scarf and it inspired a little haiku poem. . .”

Under a twilight moon

In the shadows she dances

With amorous guile

So, when Vickie writes something without thinking, she gets a pretty little poem. When I write something without thinking, I get a visit from the Secret Service. C’est la vie. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Vickie Johnstone”

Meet the Author: Helmy Kusuma

Author Helmy Kusuma

Author Helmy Kusuma has written two romance novellas, Mementoes of Mai and Cinta 3 Sisi (not in English). These works fall into the category of realistic fiction, faction, or as Alex Canton-Dutari says, “non-fiction fiction.”

Helmy says, “Based on the verbal and visual feedbacks (btw, visual being facebook and the likes) of those who had the pleasure (or not) of reading them, I wrote beautiful descriptive paragraphs which yanked people from their seat (or divan, or bunk…, or toilet, or wherever they had chosen to read) into the scene of my novellas.” Helmy says this explanation makes more sense if you just go to the links provided and click “buy.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Helmy Kusuma”