Thank You for Being a Friend

A.K.A Carol Wyer

At school I was never going to be the British equivalent of the Prom Queen but thanks to being the class clown and being able to make people snort with laughter even during lessons (I’ll save how I did that for another time) I had my fair share of friends. I was not however, as popular as blonde haired, perfectly formed Mary Rose, who was admired by every girl in the school, lusted after by every hot blooded male and doted upon by every teacher.

Decades later I find myself in a similar position. No, I have actually managed to pass through school. I am talking about social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I have quite a few friends on Facebook but as far as my fan page goes, well I am not as popular as J K Rowling who has 1,117,211 ‘likes’. In fact I am some way off. Continue reading “Thank You for Being a Friend”

Surfing In Stilettos Launch Party!

The most fabulous Carol Wyer invites you to the launch party for the eBook version of her latest hilarious novel, Surfing in Stilettos.

Here is what our own Cathy Speight had to say in her review of Surfing in Stilettos:

“Carol is a wonderful writer – she throws humour, intelligence, poignancy, thoughtfulness, and entertainment into a pot and the result is an original, funny, witty, and refreshing novel.” (See the entire review HERE.)

Scoot on over to Carol’s blog to win some cool prizes and to wish her well. Gift-giving season approaches—you might as well pick up a few copies while you’re there. You gotta know a fistful of folks who’ll love this one.

This title is available in print or Kindle editions from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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