Smashwords Sunday: It’s All About the Kids

Let us be thankful also for Smashwords, an alternative to Amazon and an easy way to secure distribution to Kobo, Nook, Sony and other e-readers Amazon won’t touch.

You-know-what is coming up quickly, and books make a great present. Let’s take a gander this Sunday at some of the wide array of titles in Children’s Books. If you see something you like, just click the book and take a look.


Storm and the Magic Saddle
by Donald Dahl

Storm is a most unusual horse. Under saddle he is a show stopping magnificent steed. Remove the saddle, and he is the cross between Dennis the Menace and Goofy. Life at the Doyle household is turned upside down when the family purchases Storm. He has little knowledge of the real world. His pasture mates are dumbfounded by his naiveté. For heaven sakes, he arrived not even sure what his name is!


Postcards from Mr. Pish:
South and West Edition (Vol. 4)

by K.S. Brooks
The adventurous Jack Russell Terrier, Mr. Pish, guides readers through portions of the southern and western USA. Each postcard Mr. Pish sends is filled with engaging text and full-color photographs designed to inspire both young and old to read, explore, and learn. Best for large, color e-reader screens.


Saturna the Forgotten Princess
by DP Scott
Fifteen year old Saturna is not like any other princess! She never knew her mother and rarely sees her father, the King. In fact, she feels forgotten. But one dark and stormy night she receives an unexpected gift, a ring which changes absolutely everything! Step into another Solar System where unusual occurrences are normal and things which seem utterly impossible happen.



Olivia’s Secret Wish
by Christopher Best
For her ninth birthday Olivia is given a plump brown gerbil in a glass cage. He isn’t exactly the pet she’d secretly longed for, but first Olivia must show how responsible she can be. Arriving home from school to find the cage left open, a trail of footprints crossing the table and the gerbil nowhere to be seen, Olivia fears her secret wish can never now come true. Age 8 and over. Illustrated.



Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle
by Vickie Johnstone

In book four, the wedding of Inspector Furrball and Madame Purrfect approaches. But, catastrophe, the ring is stolen from the Gem Shop! A pawprint identifies Fyre Cracker as the thief, but he lives in the dark UnderPaw. Meanwhile, Dev shocks Kiwi with news that her father may still be alive. Their search takes them to the magical Isle to face their most dangerous adversary yet – the Serpent.


Scruffy the Christmas Bear
by A.M. King

Let me introduce you to Scruffy. He is a teddy bear who loves hugs and adventures. Find out how Scruffy met his new family, how he almost spied on Santa, and join in the fun as he plays games with his new friends.

Join the wonderful world of life as a teddy bear. Scruffy was given to his family as a Christmas gift, and all he wants is lots of hugs and love. Journey with him as he goes on exciting adventures and learns lots of wonderful new games.

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