Featured Book: The Vintage Egg

The Vintage Egg
by A.C. Flory
Available from Amazon.

The book takes its name from the first story in a collection of six, science fiction stories set at the end of the 21st century.

The first story, The Vintage Egg, is about a ruined sand racer, and one man’s dream of restoring it. The last story, The Egg Run, is about that man’s grandson, Tim. Tim has shared his grandfather’s dream since childhood, and now the dream is about to become reality. But what will he do when the one, great challenge of his life is over?

The Gamer and Brehak are two stories about full immersion online gaming, and the need to retain a sense of self.

The To-Do List is about family, and robots. The Christmas Roast is about family, and synthetic life chickens called SL’ick. In a world where traditional forms of meat are hideously expensive, owning your own SL’ick is a privilege. Eating them can be tricky though, especially when one of your children thinks of them as pets.

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13 thoughts on “Featured Book: The Vintage Egg”

  1. your story about the pet ‘chicken SL’ick…i fully sympathize with the child who thought one a pet and how she must have felt…i had a little Cochin chicken years ago and was very protective of her as she had been bullied by the other chickens and i took special care of her, letting her sit on my shoulder and even come in my room at night; she was very sweet; Henny Penny, or just Penny i called her.

    One day an uncle brought over a dog and i wasn’t aware of it, it came around the house and bee-lined for Penny, killed her…I went into such a fit of anger and despair i had that dog by the throat. choking it…told both my father and his brother, “The dog had to go; either i kill it for murdering Penny, or he pack up the dog because it would never be welcome on that property anymore.”
    The uncle took that dog and drove down that gravel lane faster than Richard Petty. After he was gone, Daddy said, “I told him to take the damn dog and leave, but he’d already turned it loose.”

    I haven’t read your story, but i do hope the child expresses such feelings of anger and grief…if so, you have a truly good tale…true to life.
    My own mother had a lamb she loved, and when it ended up on the table refused to eat anything and went to her room; she was a farm girl; she knew what happened to the animals…but when you dearly love a creature and have that creature’s love and look to you for protection, when you let it down…there is no consolation and, i don’t care how many years pass…that love remains; i cried thinking of Penny…the littlest hen. She will always be dear to my heart.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that story of Penny. The Christmas Roast was inspired by a story from my own life. I couldn’t save the chickens my Grandma had bought for /our/ Christmas lunch, but I’ve never forgotten them, or how I felt at the time. -hugs-

  2. I read this short story collection recently and can thoroughly recommend it – it packs quite a punch for its size, and it was a pleasure to read such original science fiction.

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