Indies Unlimited Wins Coveted Prize

Author and Superhero crime-fighter Katheryn Lane has bestowed an honor upon me. Indies Unlimited has been given the coveted Versatile Blogger Award. I feel so honored, but I have nothing prepared.

I’d like to thank the members of the academy, my Mom and Dad, who always knew I’d grow up to be a blogger once the internet was invented, and my wonderful wife, whose technological expertise and relentless pursuit of perfection (ever since she screwed up by marrying me) made this blog possible.

You like me! You really, really like me!

Obviously, an award like this is steeped in revered tradition and solemn ritual obligations. Each recipient of this hallowed award must do three things:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. (check)

2. Share seven things about yourself.  (D’OH!)

3. Pass this award off to 5 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it. (Damn. This is starting to sound like work now. I had better wake up the evil minions.)

Seven Things About Me:

1. Katheryn Lane and I used to date. Not each other, but still—we have that in common.

2. I once killed a man with nothing but a cold, steely stare. And a gun. But mostly, I think it was the stare.

3. I like to eat at restaurants that use scare quotes in describing their entrees, like “Chicken” Chow Mein.

4. Clapper? Snuggies? Bump-its? Pocket Fisherman? All my ideas.

5. I tend to look down on arrogant people.

6. I do not hold grudges. I plot revenge. Terrible revenge.

7. I’m proud to say I’m still the same size I was in high school. By which, I mean I am the same height I was in high school.

Wow, that was weird. All these years, I thought there were only six things about me, and there were seven after all.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for (as far as you know)  these are the 5 blogs to which I now pass on this prestigious award: *drumroll*

Alex Canton-Dutari’s Bi-lingual Blog

Facing 50 With Humor


Sue Palmer’s Book Reviews

I Am the Man Letters

If you don’t know these blogs already, go and pay them a visit! But come back here, because I love you. Not in a weird way. Just sayin’. 🙂

Author: Stephen Hise

Stephen Hise is the Evil Mastermind and founder of Indies Unlimited. Hise is an independent author and an avid supporter of the indie author movement. Learn more about Stephen at his website or his Amazon author page.

19 thoughts on “Indies Unlimited Wins Coveted Prize”

  1. I started my blog in 2008 and have never stopped publishing… It started as a guide for gays, families and friends and later developed into a site for opinions about everything that impacted day-to-day life. Of course, this got me into all kinds of trouble — political, social (especially the politically correct advocates). But I'm still around.

    I usually tend to react by "I don't deserve…" Stephen has convinced me of the contrary. Thank you.

  2. Maybe we did date. Were you that guy that came to the fancy-dress party dressed as a mummy covered in bandages when I was just 16? I was the girl who came as a gypsy, or was it Stevie Nicks? I can't remember, but aside from that, it was an unforgetable evening!

  3. Congrats to everyone who received this award! Steve, I must say that this is one of my favorite blog sites and I appreciate all that you do for Indie writers!!!!

  4. Wow Stephen, thanks so much! I'm shocked and surprised and indebted… You're too kind, one of a kind, and kind of crazy, but that's what makes you so lovable in a creepy dude in a big station wagon with puppies and ice cream parked at the playground kind of way.

    All satire aside, thanks so much. It's really nice to be appreciated. 🙂 But, even more importantly, you completely deserve the award – CONGRATULATIONS – your blog makes me laugh on a daily basis. You're a fantastic writer.

  5. Stephen, thank you so much!I am honoured that you even thought of me.

    Not a day goes by without me reading something, somewhere that you have written and it makes my day.You totally deserve this reward!

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