I’ve been Hised!!

Reviewer Cathy Speight

Just after the Evil Mastermind announced my recruitment to his auspicious team, he waited all of five minutes to ‘virtually’ nudge me in the ribs with ‘can you just come on and introduce yourself?’ So here I am, still wondering why such a sparkling, witty and clever writer, would want me on his team, until it hit me. Of course!  He wanted someone on the team that was older than him! Junior Hise is extraordinarily persuasive.  He really is quite hard to say ‘no’ to.  However, I am so very, very glad I was pummelled into submission.  I really am delighted to be here and feel immeasurably privileged to be in the company of talent such as his and his cohorts’.

At the beginning of this year, I did two things I wish I had done before.  I joined Facebook (yes, yes, I know, probably the last living human in the universe to do so, and no, I haven’t been incommunicado, twenty thousand leagues under the sea – just call me a late developer), and secondly, I bought myself a Kindle.  The ads were the love-to-hate type ads – they repeatedly (oh, so repeatedly) and irritatingly interrupted my favourite TV programmes, but were compelling enough to make me think, ‘I simply have to have one’.  Well done, Amazon. That was an advertising campaign that sucked me right in. The combination of these two novelties in my life has not only happily brought me into contact with a phenomenally nice bunch of people known as Indie Authors, amongst them our Esteemed Leader, but has also introduced me to their books, which I avidly read with tremendous enjoyment.  Motivated by a couple of Facebook friends who had successfully set up their own book-reviewing sites, I decided it might be rather fun to start my own.  It seemed like a good way to have an ‘album’ of everything I’ve read to be able to share with others.  And so, Cath ’n’ Kindle Book Reviews was born.

I’m aware that the large majority of visitors to Steve’s sharp, amusing and entertaining site are probably from the US, so I should just mention that I’m British; but fear not, not in a toffee-nosed, spiffing and jolly hockey-sticks sort of way (there, that’s got you stumped already, hasn’t it?).  I don’t foresee any problems, we speak a common language after all……..

Since, at the time of writing, we are in the festive season and everyone is being merry and jolly, I’ll just raise a glass of bubbly to say, thank you, Steve, for having me, and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.  Happy Holidays everyone!


Author: Cathy Speight

Reviewer Cathy Speight is British and lives in England. The Kindle revived her passion for reading and after stumbling on a Facebook group of independent authors, she now does her best to encourage and assist indies as much as possible. Books by indie author form the majority of her collection. Cathy shares her views on the books she has read on her blog.

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  1. Don't worry, you're not the LAST person on earth to join Fazebook … but, let me know if you get anything out of it … mine just seems to generate the soothing sound of crickets. Well, pip, pip, cheerio … and all that sort of thing.

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