Indies Unlimited Welcomes M. Edward McNally to the Team!

Ed McNally

Indies Unlimited has acquired McNally Global in a hostile takeover bid. I am pleased to announce that my long time arch-nemesis and respected colleague Michael Edward “Ed” McNally will be joining Indies Unlimited as a contributing author. Ed will bring the kind of gravitas and intellectual firepower needed to class up this joint. I don’t care where he gets it, as long as he brings it.

Ed is a quick wit, a skilled writer and an all-around good guy. You’ll be seeing his posts here on a weekly basis.

In addition, Ed is a good friend and the author of The Norothian Cycle, an epic fantasy series.  I read the first of these, The Sable City. I was extremely impressed with McNally’s writing and imagination. I highly recommend it.

Please join Kat, JD, Cathy and me in welcoming Ed McNally to Indies Unlimited!


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16 thoughts on “Indies Unlimited Welcomes M. Edward McNally to the Team!”

  1. Hi Ed. Welcome! Your infamy proceeds you.
    Looking forward to your scribbles…oops, scriptures… Well, we heard if your coming.

  2. Sigh…..I thought it was going to be Johnny Depp….but I suppose you'll do.

    Seriously Ed, this really is the rightful place for your wit, wisdom and all round jolly good chap qualities. I am feeling very much a tiddler in this sea of big talented fish.

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Our Evil Mastermind really is scooping the cream off the top of the elite!

  3. Ed! Welcome! Cathy – Shhhh…soon we will have completed our unsuspecting harem of SUPER smart, talented men. Just keep buttering them up. That's perfect. 😉

    1. Yes, just for the photo-shoot, then it's back to the dungeon till lunch in the cafeteria, (today, we're having gruel!) then back down to the dungeon. See? Light schedule for newbies. 🙂

  4. Welcome Ed! I already called dibs on the inevitable mental breakdown Hise has steered us all toward, so you gotta find something else. But happy to have ya! 🙂

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