New Release: Tangent, by Mike Pomeroy

Tangent by Mike Pomery

Mike Pomeroy is pleased to announce the release of his newest novel.

Tangent is a story of Alan; a man who travels back into our present era from the not-too-distant future.

More than most time-travel stories; Tangent has a strong literary flavor and lovingly explores the strange rituals of modern life. Alan encounters many interesting characters who all serve, in one way or another, to unlock the mystery of his fate. Tangent also explores our perception of reality and the struggle to gain solidarity and peace in a world governed by quiet subversion and unchecked greed.

The reader is left to ponder the possibilities that Alan discovers through the course of the novel.

“Tangent is a politically-charged, time-bending, dystopian view of the distant and not too distant future.” -Kevin Godbee,

This title is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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