8th Annual Write a DearReader Contest

Write a DearReader ContestThe 8th Annual Write a DearReader Contest is now accepting submissions of previously unpublished short works on nearly any personal subject.

The deadline is August 12, 2012. Maximum word count is 650 words. Multiple entries per person are acceptable.

Prizes are: Grand Prize – $300; Runner Up – $200; Third Place – $100. In addition to a cash prize, the winning columns will be published in the daily book clubs at DearReader.com, Read-It-First.com and at BookTrib.com.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers. We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition. Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering.

Can You Feel The Love?

I want to prepare you for something. You might want to sit down. Are you sitting down? There is going to come, in the very near future, a week where you will be forced to reread some of my older posts. I will be in a delivery room freaking out with a big smile on my face.

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Book Brief: Lust for Danger

Lust for Danger
by K. S. Brooks

Genre: Action-Adventure/Thriller
98,043 words

She relishes an ocean breeze, the luxury of silk, and the feel of a 9mm gun gripped in her hand. The name’s Night, Kathrin Night, Special Agent for the Bureau of International Trauma Analysts (BITA), a secret division of the United Nations Security Council. The Bureau is directed by someone high up in the U. N. to quietly look into an act of terrorism. But, when this seemingly mundane investigation threatens to expose scandalous political alliances, the BITA is ordered to cease its activities immediately. Feeling justice has not been properly served, as three suspicious deaths are involved, Agent Night is compelled to dig deeper. On her own time she puts to good use her FBI and Navy Intelligence training, her high-tech resources, and when necessary, her crafty, alluring ways with men. Defying death in situations all over the world, Agent Night discovers a labyrinth of treachery, which leads her to unearth a plot to commit mass-murder on a chilling scale. Can she stop it before its too late?

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Comma Chameleon

King and/or possibly Queen George

A little while back, a melee broke out in the Indies Unlimited commissary about the differences between British and American styles of punctuation. Commas were being flung about like shoddy garments on a ladies sales rack. Someone almost lost an eye.

This conflict is nothing new. In the last quarter of the eighteenth century, the American colonists sent a letter to the British government. The King “corrected” the placement of commas in the document and returned the marked-up version to the colonies. Later that night, a group of patriots dressed as librarians dumped a shipment of commas into the Boston Harbor.

This action touched off what was known as the Revolutionary War. But must we dwell on the past? Besides, the difference between British and American styles of punctuation is really quite minimal. It’s not as if one of us is using that upside-down question mark, or that thing that looks like the chemical symbol for Adamantium. Continue reading “Comma Chameleon”