Sneak Peek: “Enfold Me” by Steven Greenberg

Today we have a sneak peek from Steven Greenberg’s dystopian suspense novel,  Enfold Me:

Enfold Me CoverEnfold Me is a dark journey into a chillingly-realistic post-Israel Middle East. Precipitated by a massive earthquake and an Iranian-led attack, the fall of Israel rips Daniel Blum from his suburban life and scientific career. Alone and scarred, he endures subjugation and terror in Hamas-controlled Northern Liberated Palestine.

Now, Daniel must follow George Farrah, a figure from his past, deep under the Carmel mountain and through Egyptian-controlled, quake-ravaged Tel Aviv. Haunted by tragedy, Daniel strains the bonds of duty and family as he and George uncover a secret that could alter the region’s balance of power. 

Enfold Me is available through Continue reading “Sneak Peek: “Enfold Me” by Steven Greenberg”

Common Book Description and Synopsis Issues

Author K. S. Brooks
Author K. S. Brooks

Honestly? I’m not in the mood to write this post. Or any post. I’m feeling quite curmudgeonly at the moment. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s because I am, in fact, a curmudgeon. So, I’m not going to write it. I’m going to re-run my post on Common Synopsis Issues. Why? Because recently I’ve seen some things which confuse me.

On a daily basis I review dozens of author queries. Some of them bombard me with information, which comes understandably with eagerness. (Note: please don’t make me work too hard to find what it is I need so we can feature your book.) But what I find perplexing is the authors whose book descriptions on retail sites are confusing, lacking, or non-existent. Sometimes authors put information about themselves where their book description should be. Sometimes there’s a list of questions in place of a description. I believe the author is trying to tantalize the potential customer with those questions. I’m not so sure it works. I know it doesn’t work on me. Continue reading “Common Book Description and Synopsis Issues”

Week 28 Flash Fiction Poll

The time has arrived for Indies Unlimited readers to begin voting in this week’s Flash Fiction Competition.

On behalf of the IU staff, I want to thank all the entrants for doing such a great job with the writing prompt and the merciless constraints of the exercise.

You may review the entries here. Please spread the word and encourage your friends to vote by using the share buttons at the bottom of the post!

The poll will be open until 5:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Thursday

Who is the author of your favorite entry for this week's Flash Fiction Poll?

  • Brianna Lee McKenzie (50%, 8 Votes)
  • Yvonne Hertzberger (19%, 3 Votes)
  • Brian Beam (13%, 2 Votes)
  • Paula Friedman (6%, 1 Votes)
  • avcarden (6%, 1 Votes)
  • Bill Allen (6%, 1 Votes)
  • A. L. Kaplan (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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The Hubris of the Long-Distance Podcaster.

Ears like this would help.

That pesky podcasting journey. We left off last time as I burbled confidently about the software required to record author interviews. I seem to recall mentioning that familiarity with the geekery was all it took. It turns out though, that you have to make a few more mistakes before all is well in the poddyverse. Just in case you fancy popping some interviews on your website for fun, traffic and interactivity, here are some of the things I learned the hard way.

I had already made a few decisions about the interviews themselves. I’ve been interviewed enough myself to know the frustrations of being asked all the wrong things by someone who clearly hasn’t read the right book, so I wanted the end result to be pleasing to the author. At the same time, I wanted to get a little beyond the usual verbal press release. I hoped to find areas of common ground, get a bit psychological maybe and of course have a fine old chat and a bit of a laugh. That’s a tall order with someone you can’t see and have never met so I plumped to semi-prepare us. Continue reading “The Hubris of the Long-Distance Podcaster.”