Kevin Kierstead Announces His New Release

Author Kevin Kierstead is pleased to announce the release of his new action-adventure novel, Addy’s Boom and the Blast Frontier.

Addy's BoomWhile America finds herself consumed with the threat of terrorist attacks, what would happen if a large force wanted to attack? Are we watching the threats? Marvin Haskin (Boom) wasn’t. He was just an ordinary man, bored but content with his ordinary life when a shock he had never imagined changed his course forever. Meet a man, his dog, a woman and a crazy sage in this action-adventure that poses fact fiction questions along-side very real threats in Addy’s Boom and the Blast Frontier.

Addy’s Boom and the Blast Frontier was self-published by Kevin Kierstead in June 2012. It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Speaking of…

I have been approached about reading at a large, literary hippie-fest in San Francisco (and I mean that in the best sense). I said yes. With trepidation. It is a huge event. And it is an honor that they thought of me. I have a story that would be perfect. There is, however, one giant-ass issue. I hate to read.

Let me clarify a little. I hate to read out loud. More specifically, I hate to read things I have written out loud. Hate it. I usually refuse. That’s why I write for heaven’s sake – so people don’t have to listen to my stupid voice.

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Meet The Author: Jim Mullaney

Author Jim Mullaney

Jim Mullaney is the author, co-author or ghostwriter of thirty books that have sold over a million copies. He is currently working on two new eBook series, The Red Menace and the Crag Banyon Mysteries. The first Red Menace novel, Red and Buried, has been picked up by a traditional publisher and will soon be available nationwide.

Jim describes himself as horribly undisciplined, and says he  sometimes wonders what it would be like to be more organized. “I’m always impressed when I hear about some writer who sets aside X-number of hours each day to write. I’ll write early, I’ll write late. I’ll write in the middle of the night, although I hate doing that. Whatever it takes to get finished.” Continue reading “Meet The Author: Jim Mullaney”

Department of Justice Decision Released

Dept. of Justice has determined that the proposed “final judgment” provides “an appropriate and effective remedy” for the antitrust violations. They are quoted as saying that the comments to dismiss the case were being submitted “by those who have an interest in seeing consumers pay more for e-books…”

The DoJ showed little interest in the comments from some of the big players in the industry, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and the Authors Guild. They go further to say that arguments that Amazon will eventually monopolize the e-book industry as “highly speculative at best.”

The DoJ also noted that not all authors objected to the settlement. Apparently, many mainstream or traditionally published authors were against the settlement. The largest group in favor of the settlement was self-published authors. In one comment by a group of self-published authors, the traditional publishers and literary agents were described as “… all kinds of middlemen which have gone from being indispensable to optional … “ Continue reading “Department of Justice Decision Released”