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Music SpeaksMusic Speaks
Edited by L.B. Clark

Music Speaks is a collection of eleven short stories from nine indie authors. The stories fall into a wide range of genres, from romance to speculative fiction, but they all feature music or musicians in some way and all pay tribute to the special kind of magic that is music. 100% of royalties from sales of the book go to the MusiCares Foundation to help music industry folks in times of need.

Music Speaks is available from, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

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Cooking With Nona

Cooking with NonaStella leaned forward eagerly at the sound of the sizzling onion, celery and carrots. The mouth-watering smell wafted out of the stockpot, hanging in the air like a delightful promise. It was their weekly day together and Nona was teaching her how to make Italian wedding soup. No one could make soup like Nona. Nona called this making the mirepoix, soffritto, or “The Holy Trinity” as Emeril Lagasse called it.

“Yesterday I make the stock, the chicken kind I show you last week. Today we make the meatballs and the soup. Your mama will come by after work to have dinner with us, and the soup is a surprise. This is one of her favorites, from when she was my little girl. I have a surprise for you, too.”

Stella stirred the veggies with the old, long-handled wooden spoon Nona always gave her. After the carrots and celery softened and the onions were translucent Nona poured in the stock, a beautiful golden yellow waterfall that soon swirled and bubbled. Continue reading “Cooking With Nona”

Sneak Peek: Life in the Slow Lane

Today, we feature a sneak peek of Thomas M. Sullivan’s humorous memoir, Life in the Slow Lane.

Life in the Slow Lane

Being an instructor for a private driver’s ed company sounded like the launch of a career that would last a lifetime. Not! During his short stint in the instructor’s seat, Sullivan learned more than he wanted about poorly maintained cars, calm kids with angry parents, inefficient efficiency campaigns, too-rapid business expansion, and suburban angst. Oh, yes, and a bit about mustaches. An irreverent account of one man’s descent from hope to a struggle to escape the chaos of subprime suburbia, Life in the Slow Lane celebrates the humor, resolve, and intelligence teenagers use to survive the dysfunctional world their elders have created.

Life in the Slow Lane is available from

Here is an excerpt from Life in the Slow Lane: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Life in the Slow Lane”

Q&A Two-fer

It can be hard to tell from the other side of the curtain just what it is that goes on around here. Sure, every once in a while, somebody leans on the red button and the front row gets more splattered than at a Gallagher performance.

Most of the time though, things run pretty smoothly. One of the drawbacks to making this look easy is that it raises expectations and folks may get a little impatient from time to time. Precious minutes have ticked by since you hit the send button. Fear not. You have questions, we have answers:

I submitted a query/materials to be featured on your site a week ago. How come I haven’t heard back? What do you people do all day?
Indies Unlimited is staffed by lovable but snarky volunteers. We respond to queries in the order in which they are received. Sometimes there is a bit of a backlog, and your patience is appreciated. Here’s the deal though: Sometimes people just send in a query that says, “Here’s my book.” We appreciate that you believe we’re clairvoyant, but since we have a lot of different features, it’s really best if you tell us which one interests you. If you don’t give us what we need to help you, then your query and/or submission goes to the end of the line while we take care of the folks who were more assiduous about following the instructions.

I participated with a Sneak Peek, Book Brief, Book Trailer Video, or Guest Post feature – why can’t I find my book in the IU Book Store?
The book store is updated twice a month, more often if time allows. Unfortunately, the store is not searchable by title, but you should be able to find your book in the “Featured Authors” section. The “Indies Unlimited Authors” is reserved for members of the IU Staff. If your book falls into one of the genres in the store’s left side-bar and you would like your book added, use the contact form, include a link to your book on, and the name of the genre. Of course, you must have participated in one of the qualifying IU features in order to be eligible to have your book listed in the store.