Rich Meyer Announces New Release

Trivia Quiz Book Volume 4Author Rich Meyer is pleased to announce his new release, the Trivia Quiz Book Volume 4.

500 easily-traversed questions and answers are featured in the fourth and latest book in the Trivia Quiz Book e-book series. This time around, the questions are about seven different pop culture subjects: 21st Century Comic Books, Western Movies, Doctor Who, TV Game Shows, Pirates, Classic Literature and Toys. There are questions here for all ages, all skill levels and most everyone should get a touch of nostalgia when they try to answer this blasts from the past.

The Trivia Quiz Book Volume 4 was self-published by Rich Meyer in June 2012. It is available from Amazon, Amazon UK and Smashwords. Learn more about author Rich Meyer at his Amazon author page.

Sneak Peek: Misguided Sensitivity

Today we have a sneak peek from Philip Nork’s  Misguided Sensitivity

The journey we are on is a difficult one, even more so for those from a broken family. Follow one boy as he searches for the two desires we all have in common: to be accepted by others, and to be truly happy. Life continues through the good and the bad, and each and every person you meet along the way leaves pieces behind, like a jigsaw puzzle, for you to piece together as you grow and learn. And as you put those pieces together, you hopefully become a better person for it. We are indeed all connected, and everything you do really does matter and will always affect someone else in one way or another.

Misguided Sensitivity is available from Amazon. Learn more about author Philip Nork from his Amazon author page. And now, from Misguided Sensitivity: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Misguided Sensitivity”

Promotion on Indies Unlimited? It’s Elementary!

The answer is so obvious. It’s Indies Unlimited!

Looking for a clue as to how to get the word out about you and your work?

Indies Unlimited is dedicated to celebrating, informing, and promoting indie authors. This site provides a platform that can increase your exposure and introduce your work to new readers.

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We also offer a wide choice of affordable promotional packages for authors and service providers.

Book Brief: A Year on Planet Alzheimer

A Year on Planet Alzheimer
by Carolyn Steele
Genre: Memoir/Travelogue
70,000 words
What happens when a single parent from London, England heads for Canada to care for an elderly lady in case it’s fun?

Described by readers as a cross between Bridget Jones and Bill Bryson, A Year on Planet Alzheimer is almost the story of an adventure. It isn’t quite a travelogue, despite being largely about places. It would be dereliction of duty to omit to pass comment on the remarkable ceiling at Vancouver Bus Station for example or the shattering discovery that they don’t turn Niagara Falls off at night.

Neither is it really a psychological exploration of living with dementia, despite the title. It is almost the story of a child…what happens when you tell a nine-year-old that travel broadens the mind? What does travel do to a nine-year-old mind?

Mainly there is life and the sheer unexpectedness of the way other people live it. Not just the snow dump but the incredulity this odd pair of travellers generated by wanting to see it. It could be the story of an adventure with a few more shimmering sunsets dancing over majestic waves. There are some majestic waves, naturally, but they are more obsessed with meatballs. It is therefore the story of an escapade.

This title is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Book Brief: A Year on Planet Alzheimer”