Sneak Peek: Misguided Sensitivity

Today we have a sneak peek from Philip Nork’s  Misguided Sensitivity

The journey we are on is a difficult one, even more so for those from a broken family. Follow one boy as he searches for the two desires we all have in common: to be accepted by others, and to be truly happy. Life continues through the good and the bad, and each and every person you meet along the way leaves pieces behind, like a jigsaw puzzle, for you to piece together as you grow and learn. And as you put those pieces together, you hopefully become a better person for it. We are indeed all connected, and everything you do really does matter and will always affect someone else in one way or another.

Misguided Sensitivity is available from Amazon. Learn more about author Philip Nork from his Amazon author page. And now, from Misguided Sensitivity:

In life each of us is on a journey. It is filled with questions and answers, rights and wrongs; choices and lessons. It often goes by the name “self-discovery.” No two lives can ever be totally the same, nor are any two journeys; like fingerprints, yours is totally unique to you. But there is one common bond in all of our paths and that is the presence of other people. How you decide to perceive, interact with, and learn from them greatly shapes the true you that will emerge.

Even when you think you know the truth, a person you meet may change your whole thought process. These people who you meet can change how you think, what you do, and ultimately, who you are.

I had set out on a journey back when I was younger to find out how to be a male that females respected. I didn’t want to be like the majority of men I encountered or heard about. When I started on my mission, I had no idea how to achieve it, but with help from my Nana, and some of the nicest girls I met along the way, I now had the secret formula. They taught me the ten basic lessons which would help me continue on my way.

1) Be different, sincere, and make females feel special.

2) Girls remember and cherish the small things that they experience

3) Girls remember the good things you do for them and want to reciprocate.

4) See the difference in everyone and celebrate it

5) Friendship is the most important thing, it leads to other opportunities.

6) Pay attention to what a person has going on inside, not just their outer appearance or status.

7) Allow your emotions to show others you are open and caring.

8) When you truly connect with someone, age does not matter.

9) Girls want to be heard; guys need to be better listeners.

10) Girls show their trust by a sparkle in their eye.

I made a promise to myself, I would use these ten lessons, and any others I would learn, to help myself grow and find myself, just like Nana said. I would add each piece of the puzzle whenever I could. My ultimate goal was to use what others called my gift, the gift to help others feel good, purposefully.

I would focus on being a male all females I met wanted to keep as a friend, and one who they fully trusted. Hopefully, Nana would continue to be there to help me along the way, although I was sure there would become a time I would have to make my own decisions regarding what was and what wasn’t really a lesson at all.

I was still far from being the man I wanted to be, so for the first time in my life, I actually prayed to God I was going about this correctly. But knowing my track record, there were going to be some unexpected twists and turns along the way.

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  1. Interesting. Most men do not think about it. Some men do that to attract a female, or rather the female or females they want, yet you say all females. I'm female and there are certain females I would not want as friends, just as there are some men I would not want as friends.

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