Chris James Interviewed by The Author Show

Author Chris James

In case you missed it, last Wednesday the 22nd of August, Author Chris James was interviewed on The Author Show.

It was a riveting fourteen minute interview in which Chris spills all sorts of secrets about being a science fiction writer, and how that relates to cute puppies. There is a distinct possibility he said something about you. Or maybe not. I recommend you find out though.

Congrats to Chris on a great interview!


Here is the audio of the interview:

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17 thoughts on “Chris James Interviewed by The Author Show”

  1. Impressive interview, Chris, and insightful as well. You are obviously very comfortable with your writing. The Dimension Researcher’s already on my to read list and this interview has made me more excited to get to it.

  2. I obviously enjoyed the interview, I’ve been waxing poetic about the Dimension Researcher since reading it earlier this year; however, one of the other things I enjoyed hearing about was your take on the sci-fi and literary tradition in which it follows. I don’t know any of that background and it added to my understanding.

    Well done!

    1. Thank you, Jo. If you ever get a chance to read The Iron Heel, it really is outstanding and has so much in common with what’s happening today. London’s understanding of how the media and corporations really work will leave you speechless 🙂

  3. Interesting stuff, Chris. A second or two before you mentioned it, Philip Roth’s book popped into my head, it was almost eerie. But I do like the idea of alternate history. I haven’t read it yet, but isn’t Stephen King’s JFK novel predicated on a time travel theme?

    1. Thanks, David.I wasn’t too impressed with the Plot Against America, mainly because Roth always seems to write about young kids called Phillip. I haven’t read King’s novel, but mainly because in the synopsis I saw that he’s only time travelling in our history, which is totally not possible.

      1. Well, when it comes to time travel, I figure there’s no point half suspending my disbelief! 😉 I mean, if it were ever possible, we’d see time travelers from our future all the time, no? Since we don’t, I figure it’s a literary/film plot device and enjoy it from that angle.

        Then again, a telescope is a time machine, so…

        Yeah, I thought the Roth novel was decent, but a little dry.

        1. Time travel IS possible, only not in out history – the grandfather paradox won’t allow it. That’s why I avoid time travel stories that do allow it, because it’s too simplistic. It’s like saying that zombies and vampires really do exist

          1. So you’re saying that’s why we don’t see time travelers from the future? Hmmm… Which “past” do time travelers visit, then? And no one from all the (infinite?) alternate futures ever visits our timeline? Why not? I mean, I guess it’s theoretically possible, but I kind of file it away with teleportation, which doesn’t stop me enjoying Star Trek or movies like The Fly. Also, dude, one of the greatest time travel stories ever written is “simplistic”, then: Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder”!

  4. The only thing that could have made it better was if it had video. Next time, we’re going to remedy that my friend. Still loved it though!

    1. Thanks, buddy! Video is good – then you’ll see me squirming and looking really shifty (not a pretty sight, as you know from my vjournals!)

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