Reavis Z. Wortham Announces New Release

Burrows: Book Two in the Red River Mystery Series Author Reavis Z. Wortham is pleased to announce the release of his new mystery novel, Burrows.

Lyndon B. Johnson is President in 1965, Beatlemania is in overdrive and gasoline costs 30 cents a gallon when Ned Parker retires as constable in Center Springs, Texas. But his plan to live a quiet life as a cotton farmer will soon change. A phone call leads Ned to a body in the Red River and the discovery rips him out of retirement to help his nephew, the newly elected constable Cody Parker. Together they work to head off a multi-state killing spree that sets northeast Texas on fire.

Burrows: Book Two in the Red River Mystery Series was released on July 7, 2012 by Poisoned Pen Press. It is available on, Barnes & Noble and Booksamillion.

“Wortham combines the gonzo sensibility of Joe R. Lansdale and the elegiac mood of To Kill a Mockingbird to strike just the right balance between childhood innocence and adult horror.” – Starred Review — Publishers Weekly

Goodbye For Now, Kindle Select

I have officially taken Joe Café out of the madness that is Kindle Select. I went in with reservations, and I came out with my reservations cancelled…or with legal gambling casinos on them. Or something. A lot of electrons or whatever got moved around. No doubt about that.

The deal with Kindle Select is that you give the digital rights for your book to Amazon and they ‘promote’ your book while it is in the program. You get five free promotion days for every ninety (free for everybody). Prime members can borrow for free at any time. Yadda. Yadda.

I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do. I also don’t like not selling very many books, so I took my laptop to the crossroads and the rest is history.

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Sneak Peek: The Other Side of Silence

The Other Side of Silence by Sylvie NickelsToday, we feature a sneak peek of author Sylvie Nickels’ modern historical romance, The Other Side of Silence.

Pippa Eastman has an uneasy relationship with her authoritarian father and historian, Joseph. She escapes it by emigrating to Australia and forming there a pleasant but superficial partnership with Jude. The book’s theme is Pippa’s growing affection and respect for her father as she researches his past. The historic scenes of the Finnish-Russian Winter War of 1939-40 contrast with Pippa’s life in present-day Middle England, modern Finland, a visit to a slave camp in Germany, and Australia. Jude, too, is chasing the truth behind his father’s desertion and alcoholism, and their respective searches bring them closer together.

The Other Side of Silence is available from

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Timing Is Everything: Facebook Tutorial

I discovered something interesting by accident last week. How many times have you said to yourself Damn, I wish I could schedule my Facebook updates so that they’d post at a later time?  Well, guess what? Now you can – at least from your “page” anyway. (I’ve not seen a way to do it from my personal profile.)

Facebook Fan Page

So, go to your page, and start typing in an update to all your fans. You can even upload a photo – anything you want to schedule to post at a later date. The strange thing about this (if you haven’t already “set it up”) is that once you click the little clock in the bottom left-hand corner of your posting window, you go to another screen, and moving forward will blow away what you’ve written. Make sure to copy it before you do anything else. NOW, click on the little clock.

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