Video Trailer: Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy

Joan of ArcIn 2012, six hundred years after her birth, few people know what Joan of Arc accomplished. At age seventeen, how did she capture the attention of men in power, let alone influence their decisions? What was the source of her confidence, as she stepped onto the most unlikely of public stages during the Late Middle Ages, when the voices of women were silenced? Why was she abandoned by the French monarch who owed his crown to her? Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy provides the records from two fifteenth century trials that document her life as trustworthy evidence, and encourages readers to draw their own conclusions in answering questions like these.

Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy by Marcia Quinn Noren is available from, Barnes and Noble, and most online retailers.


At Last … A Plan!

We all know that marketing ourselves can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Some people love it and others wish they would never have to look at another Tweet. Anecdotal evidence here on Indies Unlimited has suggested that if you do nothing, your book sales will not slip.

Planning and Scheduling = Success

My belief is that if you have a strong platform and multiple books on the marketplace, then that might be true. However, if you are a new author or just have a single book out, then you had better find a way for people to find you.

Today, I’m sharing with you a simple method to make sense of all of this. We are going to put together an “Editorial Calendar” (fancy terminology adopted in the social media marketing business) to help you stay on track with your plan. Continue reading “At Last … A Plan!”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Win, Lose or Run

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Today might be Eddie’s last chance. He ran out of money a long time ago. He ran out of things to hock and pawn and sell a long time ago. He ran out of friends he could borrow from.

Aunt Sadie wouldn’t miss a few twenties from her purse though. Anyway, today is a sure thing. He’d pay her back. He’d pay Big Vinnie back. Everything would be okay again.

Today would be different. This would be his day. He could see the horse he picked really wanted to win. It was right there in his eye: winner. Eddie could feel the electricity in the air. He could feel victory deep down in his bones. He always could.

In 250 words or less, tell me a story incorporating the elements in the picture. The 250 word limit will be strictly enforced. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Win, Lose or Run”

Mark Jacobs Announces New Release

A Bittersweet Science by Mark JacobsAuthor Mark Jacobs is pleased to announce the release of his new contemporary fiction book, A Bittersweet Science.

A Bittersweet Science offers an epic look into the world of big-time boxing from the perspectives of the many individuals who make up this frequently brutal, yet often entrancing sport. From the exploited fighters who bleed for pay to the scurrilous promoters and slick young television executives who make the backroom deals to the sardonic journalists who are there to record it all with a jaded eye. More than just a boxing story, A Bittersweet Science asks the profound question of whether the ends really do justify the means in a world without objective morality.

A Bittersweet Science was released on August 15, 2012 by St. Januarius Publishing. It is available on as an e-book, and will be free to download on Sunday, August 17th.