Video Trailer: Emeline and the Mutants

Emeline and the MutantsNewsflash: A cure for AIDS discovered! The Haum vaccine, is so important to humanity that is available to the public immediately. No one needs know that the proper testing was short-lived, or that a few ‘mutations’ are occurring. Although, eventually there is no way to hide the fact that the world is now filled with people who are no longer predisposed to getting cancer, heart disease or diabetes; but of becoming werewolves, vampires and trolls! Emeline and the Mutants is a fast-paced cautionary tale of what happens when science goes wrong.

Emeline and the Mutants, the horror/post-apocalyptic novel by Rachel Tsoumbakos, is available from, Smashwords, and most online retailers.


Gina Ardito Announces New Release

Author Gina Ardito is pleased to announce the release of her new paranormal romantic comedy, Eternally Yours.

Jodie Devlin’s suicide is only the beginning of her troubles. Arriving in the next realm, Jodie must serve as a bounty hunter, retrieving souls who haunt Earth. She’ll need smarts, charm, and trickery to convince specters to give up the ghost. These same skills will come in handy for dealing with her bull-headed, know-it-all trainer.

Luc Asante’s wife ordered him taken off life support, condemning him to employment in the Afterlife. Now he has a trainee who’s as soft-hearted as he is hard, as impulsive as he is methodical.

If they weren’t already dead, working together would probably kill them.

Eternally Yours was released on June 25, 2012. It is available on, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

If Tombstones Could Talk

We all die. The goal isn`t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.  – Chuck Palahnuik

So true …

There is something very important that all humans share, and that is our mortality. Yes, my fellow oxygen suckers, no matter your wealth, talent, or monk-like existence, you will die. At a point in the perhaps not too distant future, we will all die. Expire. Cease to exist. Death is the ultimate equalizer.

I am not usually a morbid person, and I don’t think about dying very much, unlike Woody Allen who obsesses over it. I have lost people close to me. This is always painful, no matter how you appear to be handling the loss on the surface. The cards, scraps of paper on which they wrote, and the faded photographs are mementos I have secretly hoarded, removing them from their hiding places from time to time and running my hand softly across the signature. It is at these private moments that I have wondered how I might be able to leave behind something of value that represents who I was in life. Continue reading “If Tombstones Could Talk”

Sneak Peek: Strangers in the Gale

Strangers in the GaleToday, we feature a sneak peek of Joe Occhipinti’s science fiction novel, Strangers in the Gale.

An unconscious girl found on a clump of floating kelp radically complicates Bernardo’s life. The planet Ondas is supposed to be uninhabited. Why is the League government hiding the existence of the seafarers? In his attempts to protect the girl, the young biologist becomes enmeshed in a broader conflict about to take a recently colonized world to war. Bernardo uncovers a genocidal policy by his government directed against the child’s aboriginal culture. On this water world fraught with ubiquitous storms, Bernardo and his friends fight for the girl’s survival, discovering a long-forgotten truth that will shake the foundations of worlds.

Strangers in the Gale is available through in print and for Kindle, and at Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from Strangers in the Gale: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Strangers in the Gale”