Sneak Peek: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun

Today, we feature a sneak peek of Ronny Herman de Jong’s historical memoir, Rising from the Shadow of the Sun.

This is the inspiring story of a little girl, a Prisoner of the Japanese in WW II on Java, who makes her dreams come true by determination, faith and love. A historical account of the horrors of life in a Japanese prison camp for women and children followed by Ronny’s memoir of life after the war in Indonesia, the Netherlands and the USA make it a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit.

Rising from the Shadow of the Sun is available through, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and other online book stores.

Here is an excerpt from Rising from the Shadow of the Sun: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun”

The Heartbreak of IAMHS

operators are standing byHello, friends. I’d like to talk to you today about an epidemic that is sweeping through our community. It’s called Indie Author Multiple Hat Syndrome (IAMHS).

The symptoms of this affliction include night sweats, bouts of rage, feelings of inadequacy, and an overwhelming desire to dump the whole project in the trash. The malady bears some similarity to multiple personality disorder, except that in cases of IAMHS, the discrete personalities come in four standard types.

We turn now to a case study for a more in-depth look at IAMHS. The subject of our case study is…yours truly. Continue reading “The Heartbreak of IAMHS”

Weekly Flash Fiction Poll

The time has arrived for Indies Unlimited readers to begin voting in this week’s Flash Fiction Competition.

On behalf of the IU staff, we want to thank the entrants for doing such a great job with the writing prompt and the merciless constraints of the exercise.

You may review the entries here. Please spread the word and encourage your friends to vote by using the share buttons at the bottom of the post!

Who wrote your favorite entry for this week's flash fiction competition?

  • Marc Mimouni (50%, 38 Votes)
  • Robert K. Blechman (24%, 18 Votes)
  • Dick C Waters (18%, 14 Votes)
  • Brian Beam (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Hughster (3%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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The poll will be open until 5:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Thursday


Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Please do not feed the animalsWhen you read that sign at the zoo, you don’t feed the animals, right? It’s in everyone’s best interest, right? Well here’s our sign:


Here at Indies Unlimited, we’re run by volunteers. We’re here to help authors and to provide an innovative platform where readers can communicate directly with them. How great is that? Help us to help you by following some very simple guidelines.

#1 – Please use the query form. Include a purchase link to your book so we can check it out. Please do not yell at us that you cannot include attachments. We’re not ready for your attachments yet.

#2 – Please do not hunt down our personal email addresses so you may send us unsolicited attachments. When we’re ready for your attachments, we’ll ask. Please use the query form and be patient.

#3 – Please do not embed links in emails or documents. It’s okay if it’s an ugly, long link – we like them that way because we have to copy and paste them. If we have to click on them and open another window, etc. etc., it takes longer – and we like to know what we’re clicking on.

#4 – Please do not embed images in emails or documents. We’ll have to convert them and then crop them and all this other stuff. Or, we’ll use a tiny image of your book cover from an online site that won’t look as nice. The third option is that we’ll just put your feature to the bottom of the pile because we don’t have time to deal with it.

#5 – Please make sure your attachments are not over 500kb. We cannot accept your 10 mb video trailer or your 6 mb book cover. We have a limit on our mailbox accounts. If humongous attachments actually make it through to our inboxes, those emails will be deleted and you will be notified to resend in an acceptable size. And your feature will probably go to the bottom of the pile.

Remember, we’re here to help you. Please make that a pleasant experience for us all. You can find the submissions guidelines here.