Video Trailer: Sin

Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just a word.

Sin just wants to be an ordinary guy. Unfortunately he’s not. People die around him, and now he’s on the run – from himself and from the one person who knows what he can do. Sin is a ‘dark, disturbing and amazing’ paranormal thriller/urban fantasy that has been compared to Dean Koontz, Stephen King and even Hitchcock. Described as ‘an incredible read,’ Sin is guaranteed to make you shiver, make you laugh and make you think: Could you kill a killer? What if the killer was you?

Sin, the urban fantasy/paranormal thriller, by Shaun Allan is available from and Amazon UK.


Deduction, Deduction … What’s Your Function?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are running a business with our writing. Sure, some consider it a hobby, but if you are paying expenses and receiving income, then no matter how big or small, you’ve got yourself a business.

Is this a Deduction?

Last week, I gave you an overview of what your options are in regards to establishing a corporation. Today, we will focus on ways to leverage the advantages to being self-employed. It doesn’t matter whether you incorporate or remain a sole proprietor, all the tips today apply to both. I hope this will serve as a nice checklist for you when sitting down to do taxes. Continue reading “Deduction, Deduction … What’s Your Function?”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Drifter

Photo by K.S. Brooks

There are days when working in the Forestry Service is quiet and peaceful. There are days when you fight fires.

Then there are days like this. Just a little canoe filled with supplies and a small dog drifting down the river.

Maybe this is the dog version of Moses. Maybe somebody forgot to tie off. Maybe there has been some trouble upstream. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Drifter”