Flash Fiction Winner of the Week: Carol Wyer

Congratulations to Carol Wyer, the first winner of our weekly 2013 Flash Fiction competition. Thanks also to everyone who participated – excellent entries!

The winning entry is rewarded with a special feature here today and a place in our collection of winners which will be published as an e-book at year end.

Without further ado, here’s the winning entry:


Photo by K.S. Brooks

Vanishing Act
by Carol Wyer

Ingram floored the Mercedes C63. Thank goodness he had had winter tyres fitted the week before, otherwise this would all have been impossible. He passed the car he had thought was hers. His only hope now, was that she was further ahead. If she had turned off, he’d have lost her for good and heaven knows what would happen to her if those goons got hold of her.
Ahead he could just make out a faint flickering. Could it be? He stomped on the accelerator again. Snow continued to bash against his wind shield making visibility almost impossible. There were definitely lights ahead.
He squinted hard. It looked like a Toyota Camry from the back. It was stopped on the route. Two men stood by the trunk wearing long trench coats. As he approached, he observed them simultaneously opening and closing their coats. They were completely naked beneath the coats, blue with cold.
He pulled up behind the car. The men opened and closed their coats again.
The driver’s door opened. A woman tumbled out of the driver’s seat and raced up to him, stumbling on the slippery road.
“Oh Ingram, I hoped it would be you. You can’t believe how grateful I am that you found me before…before…” She fell into his arms and he held her protectively.
“I might not have found you, you know? It was impossible in this snow storm to make out your car. It was a good thing you had your emergency flashers.

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Winner of the Week: Carol Wyer”

    1. Thank you very much indeed. I’m sure I am not worthy of such praise but since Hubby said “I don’t get it,” aft he read my effort, I’ll take your praise and run with it.

  1. Carol, that was a wonderful story, and I love that wicked humor. Well done!

    And for those folks that voted for me, thank you. The fact that I received any votes at all reminds me why I love to write, and why I need to start writing again.

    As well, thank you to the folks here at Indies Unlimited for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Flash Fiction challenges. You ain’t heard the last of me! 🙂

    1. Thank you Larry. You are a very generous person and for what it’s worth, I thought you wrote an excellent entry. I shall make sure I watch out for you next time!

  2. Oh wow! I have to say that this was very unexpected. I only wrote my silly little story to make people smile. Huge thanks to everyone who voted for me and even bigger thanks to you lovely people above for your very kind comments. A big smoochy kiss to you all.

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