Marguerite Ashton Announces New Title

Author Marguerite Ashton is pleased to announce the release of her new mystery novel, Burned Bridges.

Newly sober and dating the man of her dreams, Traci Collins is ready to enjoy the good life, until her new best friend, Olivia Durning, confides a dreadful secret far worse than Traci could imagine.

Sealed by a shared bond, and unaware there is more to the secret than what she was told, Collins feels honor bound to protect her friend when a confrontation between Olivia and her childhood tormentor turns deadly.

A mysterious text forces Traci to question Olivia’s actions and re-examine her loyalties. When the answers to Traci’s questions endanger a life she treasures more than her own, she must decide if friendship has a limit. For a bridge once burnt severs ties forever…

“The dialogue is excellent and the plot is well-done with a compelling ending.” – Renata F. Barcelos for Readers Favorite.

Burned Bridges was released in November, 2012 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

On Twitter Literature

Guest post
by Robert K. Blechman

Willum Mortimus Granger was beside himself. In fact when his body was found the top half was right next to the bottom.

Thus begins my live-tweeted comic mystery novel, Executive Severance. The investigating detective soon realizes that the victim was on Twitter when he was slain. Were his Twitter posts the key to solving his murder? Further along in the investigation, the detective is asked for his ID and flashes his cell phone: Continue reading “On Twitter Literature”

Congratulations to Mary Smith

Mary Smith’s new book, Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women, has been nominated for The People’s Book Prize in the non-fiction category.

Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women provides a remarkable insight into the lives of the women in Afghanistan with whom the author lived and worked. Despite the many hardships in their lives they are not all hopeless downtrodden victims but women of courage, determined to make the best of life for themselves and their children.

Readers are taken on a journey from the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif to the remote mountainous region of Hazara Jat, allowing them to get to know – and care about – the women as they deal with djinn, health classes, life and love.

Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni was released on 11/24/2012 by Indigo Dreams Publishing and is available through and Amazon UK.

For this award there is no panel of judges; the winner in each category is decided entirely by members of the public who can read extracts of the shortlisted titles before casting their vote.

Mary said: “I’m thrilled to have been nominated for The People’s Book Prize. However, I’m up against some strong contenders, including Roger Moore writing about James Bond, who are published by mainstream publishers. I’m really hoping the indie author community will get behind Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni and vote for it.”

You can learn more about the People’s Book Prize at their website site here.


Thrills, Chills and Kills 3 is the third book promotion by a group of indie authors who have had great success on Amazon. The team of David C. Cassidy, Carmen DeSousa, C. R. Hiatt, Seb Kirby, Alan McDermott, Patricia Paris, Elise Stokes, and Dawn Torrens have each had books in the Amazon top 100 and have conquered their respective genres. They put their achievements down to great teamwork and a strong work ethic.

“Readers don’t just fall into your lap. We’ve had to work hard for every sale, every free download. Luckily we have bonded as a group and we’re always coming up with new ideas and new ways to get our books out there. Having a blend of young adult, romance and thrillers means there’s usually something for everyone who visits our stunning websites, which are created by the truly gifted David C. Cassidy,” says Alan McDermott.