What Would You Tell a New Writer?

It was a typical morning at the IU Staff cantina. Chris James and Cathy Speight were making a pot of coffee. L.A. Lewandowski and Carol Wyer practiced some yoga asanas in the corner. Yvonne Hertzberger and Carolyn Steele were testing a new recipe for lime Jell-O. I started reflecting on the amazing depth of experience our members bring to this blog. They write, they edit, they inspire, and some of them are so talented, Rich Meyer wants to set them out on the nearest street corner with a tin cup so we can make a few extra bucks. I wished I knew so many dedicated professionals when I was just starting out. So I asked our illustrious contributors what advice they would give a beginning or aspiring author, and here are some of the cleaner things they said: Continue reading “What Would You Tell a New Writer?”