Sneak Peek: Rise of the Drakyn

Today we have a sneak peek of author Leonard Little’s epic fantasy, Rise of the Drakyn

Marcus gets blood on an ancient amulet, alerting the Dark One that the dragon’s heir is still alive. The Dark One sends his drakyn—flesh-eating dragons— to pursue Marcus.

Home burned to ashes and Grandfather killed, Marcus runs with the drakyn a step behind. He joins scholar Ben, novice healer/dragon-mate Chelene, and her teacher/dragon Xan’Drake. Together they seek out ways to battle the rampaging evil. Betrayal gets all except Marcus captured, who is left for dead, buried alive beneath tons of gravel and rock. Will Marcus escape the grave or die, leaving his new friends to enemy’s tortures?

This book is available from Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from Rise of the Drakyn

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Video Trailer: Gateway: Pioche

June 2016—Stanford, Ca. Graduation for Muki, Abdul, Larry and Judith. Six years of cramming for finals and pursuing double master’s degrees has finally paid off. It’s time for VEGAS! Instead of enjoying their winnings, they find themselves in a life-threatening pursuit through the sleepy town of Pioche, NV.

What and who they find could unravel truths surrounding the most debated conspiracies of the past—who shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy, what happened to Judas Iscariot and did America really land on the moon in 1969. And, will Judith be able to purge her family’s ties to the Third Reich?

Gateway: Pioche, the science fiction novel by Jeff Dawson and Larry Welch, is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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Book Brief: Immortal Obsession

Immortal Obsession
by Denise K. Rago
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word count: 67,500.

As a young man in 18th century France, Christian Du Mauré impulsively follows his best friend into the complex and warring world of the Parisian vampires. Against the backdrop of the French Revolution and following an affair with a mortal aristocrat, he promises to watch over her daughter- only to learn the child is his.

Now settled in Manhattan, only two descendents of his union remain, Amanda and her brother Ryan. After Amanda witnesses a savage murder in Central Park she is determined to find the ethereal stranger who saved her life.

When their worlds inevitably collide, Christian finds he cannot prevent Amanda from becoming a pawn in a centuries-old struggle for power. As a confrontation between ancient enemies comes to a head, Christian must face a betrayal from his past that haunts him and threatens the woman he loves.

This book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble.

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A short story
by Krista Tibbs

Some might say it is cowardly to want to hold onto your dreams, but Jefferson Roosevelt Jones disagreed. Dreams are like hope, as long as you appreciate them for what they are and don’t let them take over your life. As long as you never let them sour.

So Jefferson lived alone, because no relationship was as good as his imagination. He did his work and collected his paycheck and went home, never expecting anything more. He carved his chess sets as if for royalty, but he never let them leave the hobby room where they were shielded from the light of reality. Then he allowed himself a few hours a week to indulge in thinking If Only. Continue reading “Possibilities”