Brian Bigelow Announces New Release

Author Brian Bigelow  is pleased to announce the release of his new collection of horror short stories, Macabre Moments.

A vicious vampire, a business deal gone wrong, a witch hunt, a machete wielding woman, a wife who’s had enough and many more stories await you in this collection of short stories.

Sure to thrill and chill, this title is available from Amazon and Smashwords.



Sell to the World

Author Shaun McLaughlin

Guest post
by Shaun McLaughlin

A few months ago, I suggested here on Indies Unlimited that self-published authors make their work available in epub format, not just Kindle. Diversity can lead to greater sales. Here’s a further tip: diversify your epub vendors to make sure your ebooks reach an international audience.

Recently when IU held a like-fest for Barnes & Noble (B&N), I tried to buy a copy of the first Starship installment by Kevin O. McLaughlin (because I like his last name). B&N uses the epub format, which is compatible with my Kobo ereader. Continue reading “Sell to the World”

Show Don’t Tell [Insert Scream Here]

I think the overall feedback “show don’t tell” is about as productive as a coach standing at the side of a pool and yelling, “Swim better! Go faster!”

However, every cliché started out as simple brilliance, so instead of dismissing the catch-all comment in frustration, I started a list of what people really mean, such as:

– Don’t tell me how she felt; make me feel it.
– Don’t tell me how she seemed; make me see it.
– Don’t tell me what she knew; help me figure it out.
– Don’t tell me what she is; show me what she does. Continue reading “Show Don’t Tell [Insert Scream Here]”

Sneak Peek: The Writers’ Conference

Today we have a sneak peek from author Marian D. Schwartz’s literary fiction book, The Writers’ Conference.

After Laura Belmont finishes writing her first novel, she enrolls in The Clymer Workshop, one of the oldest writers’ conferences in the country, where she hopes to make a connection with one of the famous staff authors or a well-known literary agent. The atmosphere at the Workshop is unexpectedly intense. The male writers on the staff are more interested in having sex with Laura than in her manuscript. Staff members worry that their reputations may be at risk. As anxiety builds and hope dwindles, Laura thinks she’s made a mistake. Then something extraordinary happens that makes her change her mind.

The Writers’ Conference is available from, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Here is an excerpt from The Writers’ ConferenceContinue reading “Sneak Peek: The Writers’ Conference”