Linton Robinson Announces New Title

Author Linton Robinson is pleased to announce the release of his new romantic crime comedy, Bailin’.

Lovebird bank robbers Cole and Bunny were doing OK shooting and looting and hot-wheeling in Texas, but now they’ve got a millionaire embezzler on their hands. And are dealing with bounty hunters, the law, a psycho hitman, and nutso border bikers with a rocket chopper. But they still manage to get the drop, crack the jokes, and smooch up a storm. Comic crime with a unique twist, but also a cock-eyed romance.

Bailin’ was released in January 2013 by Adoro Books and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

Getting It Right: The Art of Ballet

Courtesy of Joseph Philips

Ballet is an art that requires complete commitment, and the willingness to endure pain. This is the most basic truth about dance, and in particular ballet. To excel in ballet you must accept that your body, particularly your feet, will hurt. The technique required to master it is contrary to the way our body naturally arranges itself.

Do ballet dancers complain about this? No, they are perfectionists and masochists. They don’t care about blisters, cracked toenails, or sore muscles. What they want is another inch in extension or turnout, a clean triple pirouette, faster feet. Continue reading “Getting It Right: The Art of Ballet”

Featured Author: Lara Reznik

Lara Reznik, a native New Yorker, attended college at the University of New Mexico. As an English major, Lara studied under esteemed authors Rudolfo Anaya and the late Tony Hillerman and attended a summer program at the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop. Ambidextrous from birth, she preferred her right-brained creative side, but discovered she could make a better living with her left-brain skills, so entered the I.T. field in 1985.

Lara launched her debut novel, The Girl From Long Guyland, on Amazon on Nov 8th, 2012. The novel consistently ranked the #1 spot in both Suspense and Contemporary Fiction, and ranked #4 overall kindle books during it’s Amazon kindle select promotional free days in November 2012. In addition to her novels, Lara has written and optioned three screenplays that have garnered semifinalist and finalist wins in the Austin Heart of Film, Southwest Writers, TV Writer, Chesterfield and Writer’s Digest contests.

Currently, Lara is working on a new novel based on her screenplay, The M&M Boys. Learn more about Lara from her website. You can also find her on Facebook.

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What’s the Idea Behind Re-Selling Used Digital Content?

Recently, articles appeared in Publisher’s Weekly, Gizmodo, and the Huffington Post on the idea that Amazon is pursuing the rights to re-sell used eBooks.

As usual, Amazon plays it close to the chest and does not state anywhere the purpose for its move to undertake this, which leaves only speculation as to its motives. Continue reading “What’s the Idea Behind Re-Selling Used Digital Content?”