Congratulations to Crystal Storm

Congratulations to author Crystal Storm on having her science fiction Synarchy Series turned into a television/web series! The first episode should air in early March 2013.

Thirteen bloodlines, The Roshaniya, fanatically loyal to their gods – the Anunnaki –  have controlled the planet since history was written. In 1925 Stefano Vasco Terenzio, head of the Terenzio crime family, makes a deal with the Anunnaki to solidify his control over the American Mafia. Stefano’s true goal was to put his family in a position so one day they would be able to turn on their masters.

But, what started out as an “ego trip” turned into a quest to give humanity a choice it has never been given. When allies become enemies, and the tenuous link holding together the one family that can save humankind shatters, can the Terenzios find the inner strength to finish what they started and expose the invisible chains that keep humanity down?

“I’ve always wanted to shoot something that talked about how the impossible is possible…” – Aaron Williams Producer/Director.

The first two books in the Synarchy Series are available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and other online booksellers.

Sneak Peek: I Was a Teenage Devil

Today we have a sneak peek from author T.D. McKinnon’s book, I Was a Teenage Devil – But I’m Alright Now!

This is the continuing saga of Thomas who, after ‘Surviving the Battleground of Childhood’, attempting to escape his coal mining community roots, joins the British Army at just fifteen years of age. He continues to grow up through the second half of his teens, steeped in the elitism of the infamous ‘Red Devils’.

Searching for emotional validity, his trysts and affairs of the heart vary from fleeting, to sordid, to totally absorbing. On one occasion, when an old devil comes a calling (a sexual predator, disguised as a senior, RAF officer), Thomas decides to commit the ultimate sin!

I Was a Teenage Devil – But I’m Alright Now! is available at, Amazon UK, Smashwords and other major online retailers.

Here is an excerpt from I Was a Teenage Devil – But I’m Alright Now!Continue reading “Sneak Peek: I Was a Teenage Devil”

Anarchy in Indie World

I have a friend who says, “We always are, what we were”. And, she means it. I’ve known her since we were thirteen years old and she says there’s a part of us that stays the same no matter what age we are or how much we try to change. She might be right.

I always wanted to be a punk. In the seventies, growing up in small town Canada I listened to music no one had heard of, had a funny haircut, wore the wrong clothes, and from time to time got into a little bit of trouble. Due to the fact that my mother may read this, and there is no parental statute of limitations, that’s about as specific as I’m going to get, but suffice to say, I know a little bit about breaking rules. Really, I do.

So, when I was told that in order to be a successful self-published author there are certain things you can and can’t do I immediately wanted to prove “them” wrong. You know “them”. “They’ve” been telling us what to do our whole lives. I listened to “them” for a long time but now that I’ve found my dharma and I’m doing what I always dreamed of doing, I’m going to do it my way. These are some of the rules that an Indie-gone-rogue punk author like myself breaks on a regular basis: Continue reading “Anarchy in Indie World”

Author Tools: AddThis/ShareThis

Some people are really good at using nifty little plug-ins and widgets and what-have-you. I’m not one of those people. I do know, however, that making things easy and convenient is important. So when I saw that people couldn’t easily share my website with the click of a mouse, I decided to do something about it.

AddThis ( is the “largest sharing and social data platform” per their website. They offer way more tools and data tracking information than I will ever look at. Why? Because a) I’m lazy; and 2) I just don’t care. Some people love to know how many people are sharing their web information. AddThis can tell you that. And other stuff.

So, I went and got me one of them thar AddThis accounts and started messing around. It was really easy (and actually kind of fun) to customize the sharing buttons so they’re non-invasive, yet still present for sharing. For my website, I made them teeny tiny and put them down in the left-hand corner of each page. Continue reading “Author Tools: AddThis/ShareThis”