Sophie Schiller Announces New Title

Author Sophie Schiller is pleased to announce the release of her new historical fiction thriller, Spy Island.

Abigail Maduro plunges headfirst into the dangerous world of espionage when she travels to the West Indies to live with her Aunt Esther and rescues a stranded sailor. Abby shelters Erich in the basement of her house and learns that he is really a deserter from a German U-boat. Lothar Langsdorff, the island’s German Consul, also discovers Erich’s presence, and blackmails him into committing sabotage. When Erich is arrested, Abigail risks everything to save him. But with Langsdorff still on the loose, Abby relies on wits, bravery, and a little island magic to thwart a dangerous ring of German spies.

Spy Island was released in January 2013 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

The Synchronistic Tale of an Author’s Journey into TV (Part 1)

Author DCS AKA Crystal Storm
Author DCS AKA Crystal Storm

Guest Post
by Crystal Storm

When I first sat down to write Synarchy, a television series based off the books was the farthest thing from my mind. To be honest I don’t think I ever really thought about it, not with any seriousness. Yet, here I am switch hitting between writing a book and writing for TV, two extremely different mediums that possibly only further proves I am completely schizophrenic.

But, first the story.

As most authors do in 2009 I had a part time job working at the Soniat House Hotel. It is an utterly charming boutique hotel hidden away on Chartres Street (pronounced Charters) in the French Quarter. It is a Small Luxury Hotel and during my tenure there I’ve met Rachel McAdams, Diane Lane, Val Kilmer and Jon Malkovich just to name a few. I can tell you that Rachel McAdams really does have a breathtaking smile, Diane Lane is a beautiful person, Val Kilmer is a little odd, and Jon Malkovich is an awesome individual. Continue reading “The Synchronistic Tale of an Author’s Journey into TV (Part 1)”

“Out There” Is In There

My posts here are generally informational, but I want to take up space with something of a more personal nature, though it might strike chord with some of you. Since we all know not to start with the weather, I’ll start with a dream.

This dream was decades ago, but I try to keep it in my thoughts. I was the MC or ringmaster for a show of some sort. And things weren’t going so good. Some underlings came to me saying that they needed special food and toys for one of the players. They hauled him in and it was this amazingly dorky little RainMan geek, not even verbal. He shambled out onto the stage and stood there, then let out this peculiar squawk. And the crowd went wild. This fat, pimply, four-eyed little gooner was what they came to see. I took it all in and told the handlers, “Look, we’re not exploiters here. Give him whatever he wants, keep him happy. Treat him good.” Continue reading ““Out There” Is In There”

aLm hLgh: My Mom, Your Dad

aLm hLgh earned her Bachelor’s Degree from University of IL where she excelled in her chosen major of Communications. She won several coveted prestigious scholarships and writing awards for her writings; most notably the highly coveted Bernard Shaw Scholarship and Prize for writing.

Alm enjoys writing about unusual love relationships between men and women. She has been writing for over 20 years with several of her stories winning writing competitions and placement. Alm writes a prose column in a local Chicago area newspaper for many years. Alm writes stories about real people living real lives; the everyday folks like you and me. Her eBooks are all based on her screenplays that Hollywood producers and directors said would find no audience. She is very thankful to you her readers for proving them wrong.

Learn More about Alm from her Amazon author page. Continue reading “aLm hLgh: My Mom, Your Dad”

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