Indies Unlimited Welcomes Lynne Cantwell

Author Lynne Cantwell

We are pleased to announce that Lynne Cantwell is joining the staff of Indies Unlimited as a contributing author.

Lynne worked as a broadcast journalist for many years; she has written for CNN, the late lamented Mutual/NBC Radio News, and a whole bunch of radio and TV news outlets. Lynne’s education includes a journalism degree from Indiana University, and a master’s degree in fiction writing from Johns Hopkins University.

She has been writing fiction since the second grade, when the kid who sat in front of her showed her a book he had written, and she thought, “I could do that.” Come to think of it, that other kid might have been me. Lynne, did we trade pudding cups?

We are sure you will enjoy Lynne’s wit and wisdom. Please join us in extending a warm Indies Unlimited welcome to Lynne Cantwell.

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29 thoughts on “Indies Unlimited Welcomes Lynne Cantwell”

  1. Welcome to the team, Lynne. These are a really nice bunch of people here, especially Mr Hise. He has these nice pills that stop me questioning anything.


      1. Shhh… Chris is actually part of the control group. He only gets the placebos. Now eat your pudding. How can you get any gruel if you don't eat your pudding?

  2. Welcome Lynne! I am fairly new myself, but arrived here at Indies early enough ahead of you to say, welcome. I have been so impressed with the supportive, motivating, and genuinely nice people here at Indies Unlimited. I love it and I’m sure you will too. Looking forward to your articles! As always, I invite everyone to visit my Facebook fan page and web blog. Hope you will too.

    Sharon Rose (fan page) (web blog)

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