Antrobus Alert

Author David Antrobus
Author David Antrobus
Police Artist Sketch of Author David Antrobus

Well, he did it. David Antrobus has managed to escape from the Indies Unlimited compound. Don’t worry, he won’t get far with those manacles on.

We’ve had a local police sketch artist do a drawing of our fugitive author, utilizing special proprietary law enforcement “age progression” software. This is what David should look like now that he’s been gone a week. If you see him, please let us know so that we may retrieve him. There was a recent Antrobus sighting in the Vancouver vicinity. He should be considered armed and dangerous.

Meanwhile, if you need your weekly Antrobus fix, please feel free to peruse the unabridged Antrobus literary collection here. And do let us know if you see him. Our tasers are set to stun.

Author: Administrators

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20 thoughts on “Antrobus Alert”

  1. As David's advisor using his IU account, I am instructed to tell you he is currently safe in an undisclosed location, and that he does indeed expect and even keenly anticipate his inevitable punishment, as long as it's accompanied by certain, shall we say, attire… and his only other demands, should he give himself up, is that the gruel is replaced occasionally with a bottle of South American Malbec and the odd California Roll.

    1. Malbec and California rolls….hmmm. If he mentions anything about coffee, he is most definitely in Vancouver. I'll keep my eye out for him, figuratively speaking of course.

  2. I'd say he's either delusional or weakening. (Some tantalizing shreds of backstory in that "instruction.") Still hoping for his soon return!

  3. Hmmmmm… missing a chance to publish on lucky Friday the 13th? Well, he *should* be punished for that…. catch him, bind him, and make him pay. 😉

  4. He'll be back – Stockholm syndrome – too much time spent with too little gruel. Starvation combined with incarceration leads to fear of open spaces and 'missing' his co-minions.(Evidence in remark on facebook)

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