Important Notice About E-Mail Notifications

Indies Unlimited has deactivated our subscription feature. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for those of you who relied on it as an easy way to keep tabs on the many posts and discussions on the site. We were notified by our host serving company that we had been reported for spamming people with unsolicited e-mails. The only people receiving the e-mails were the people who had chosen to subscribe. The subscription feature was fully automated to send notifications according to what the subscriber had checked.

Evidently, some people couldn’t figure out how to unsubscribe. The back-end controls on the subscription feature were basically on/off. As administrators, Kat and I did not have the ability to fine-tune a subscriber’s notifications. When we received a request to unsubscribe someone, we always did so immediately.

Anyway, you know where we are, and we hope you will continue come by and visit. When and if we implement a new subscription feature, we will let you know. Meanwhile, if you know of any plug-ins compatible with WordPress version 3.2.1 which clearly allow for an opt-out (or unsubscribe) in the emails, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. And thank you for your patience.

Author: Administrators

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21 thoughts on “Important Notice About E-Mail Notifications”

  1. Oh rats. This is terrible. I relied on those e-mail notifications and I so enjoy your posts. Definitely will come by to visit regularly.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened! Have you considered using something like Constant Contact? I use that for my newsletters and its fantastic! Unfortunately, it can be expensive. You may have better luck with AWeber or FeedBurner, I think they are both free, and both have a double opt-in option. Maybe you could provide a digest option as well?

    Meanwhile, I think everyone should educate readers on how much damage reporting someone as a spammer can cause.. hang in there! You guys do amazing work!

  3. It always appears at the bottom of your emails, surely couldn't be any clearer than that. Will have to pay attention to your posts in the fb groups more now. Hopefully you will be able to offer this option again soon.

  4. This is like watching my ex-wife going off a cliff in my new Cadillac.

    There were many days I felt flooded with notices from IU and I've had problems navigating the site and Kat had to help me — but, if there was someting that I needed to know I opened it and if it was something I didn't need, I deleted it.

    You have my permission to notify me of any furture posts.

    Neil L. Yuzuk, Author

    Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight

    Beachside PD: The Gypsy Hunter

    Beachside PD: Cities of Sand and Stone (August, 2012)

    Beachside PD: Undercover (December, 2012)

  5. Sorry to hear that a useful site has been affected by some nut. Like Neil, I want you to have my permission to continue notifying me of your daily posts.

    And I am notifying you in return that my new book on Bosnian genocides, Blood Without Honey, will be available for free download from Amazon for five days starting July 27. More info on my blog

  6. Noooooo No no nooooooooooooooooo….*OG runs across the media room and throws herself dejectedly across the divan and sobs!* Can I still click the 'notify me by email' option anyway?!!*sniffle*

  7. Well that sucks. I know I should have something more pithy or insightful to say on the matter, but that's all I got. I'll just have to check in daily and poke about for interesting items. My life is so hard sometimes. Can't we all just get along? Apologies to Rodney King, Rodney Dangerfield and Rodney Carew. Along with everyone else who's asked the same question only of more important matters.

  8. Worst. News. Ever. I'm too busy to poke around online! If I'm on the computer, I'm working. I read every blog post that comes from you guys on my phone and always tweet it, too 🙁 Your host sucks.

  9. VERY sad to hear this. A few ignorant people can screw things up for everyone and that just shouldn't be so. But thanks for trying. Perhaps you can give me the name and address of your host and a few of us can go visit them, at 3am, on a dark and stormy night, if you get the drift….

  10. Thanks for explaining why I stopped getting the blogs.

    I was clueless. Yes, yes, I know I am anyway but what I mean is in this case I didn't have a clue.

    Keep up the good work, guys! sorry that of all your thousands of readers you got 1 complaint. Weird.

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