Candy Korman Announces New Release

Author Candy Korman is pleased to announce the release of her new vampire un-romance, Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet.

Instead of spending the month of July on her honeymoon in Italy, Willie is pet/apartment sitting on Tompkins Square in New York. As she tries to reboot her life, she watches too many woman-in-jeopardy movies on TV and pays entirely too much attention to the pontificating parrot in her care. As she regains her equilibrium, she comes to the radical conclusion that the attractive man next door is a vampire.

Written in diary entries, voice mail, email, etc., this is a comic 21st Century Dracula. It’s the second in the Candy’s Monsters ebook series of novellas inspired by horror classics.

Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet  was released on July 10, 2012 by Lymehouse Productions. It is available on and Amazon UK as an e-book.

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4 thoughts on “Candy Korman Announces New Release”

  1. Oh this is great Candy! And to all those who haven’t read Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet yet I highly recommend it! I read it in a day and I’m not even a fan of vampires. 😀

  2. So glad to hear that Bram has an appeal beyond the classic vampire crowd. It’s really about how people cope with grief and stress — the funny, weird and wacky ways they find to circumvent real problems.

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