Sneak Peek: One Dance with a Stranger

Today we have a sneak peek from author Mary M. Forbes’ contemporary romance novel, One Dance with a Stranger.

Emily feels it is important to hide her sordid past. She does not believe love will ever have any place in her new life. Her job and her respectable fiance are achievements that she has no intentions of jeopardizing. So why would she even think of risking everything to follow her heart’s desire – charismatic, fickle Wade Hart?

Country singing idol Wade doesn’t question why he is attracted to his brother’s fiancee. He just knows he will have her. He is used to getting whatever he desires. Today it is Emily he wants.

One Dance with a Stranger is available through and Amazon UK.

And now, an excerpt from One Dance with a Stranger…

…“Hello again, darlin’…”

She whirled, her skirts flying. She hadn’t heard him come in. Her eyes widened, drinking in the sight of him. Wade’s eyes narrowed. He was studying her legs. Then he looked up. His eyes were sultry and hypnotic, just like she remembered. Her eyes sparkled with delight. Nothing was changed. She heard the soft whistle through his teeth as he drew his breath in.

She loved his voice.

You had me with Hello…” She rushed into speech without thinking and then with a short laugh tried to rectify her error…

…She couldn’t believe the joy she felt seeing him again. God, what was happening to her? Every feeling was new and unwanted.

Then she stiffened. She turned to stare out the window, seeing nothing. “You lying bastard.”

“Well, you certainly come right to the point, don’t you darlin’. I love directness in a woman.” Wade stepped beside her. He didn’t touch her but she could feel his heat. “No kiss darlin’? Didn’t you miss me even a little?”

“No.” She clenched her teeth. Who was lying now?

She felt as though she were spinning out of control. Only he could do this to her. She did want to kiss him. She wanted to take that ruggedly handsome face into her hands and ravish him.

“I didn’t tell anyone.” His voice was low and husky. She glanced up. He was staring out the window. “I swear I didn’t.”

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