Sneak Peek: Ripple

Today we have a sneak peek of author Tui Allen’s metaphysical fiction novel: Ripple.

Twenty million years ago, powers of the universe allow an ancient spirit one final chance to achieve a mysterious intellectual purpose, by incarnating it as a dolphin on the planet Azure, (Earth.) The spirit is born as Ripple, a vulnerable female with a seeming tendency to insanity. She falls for the scarred fighter-dolphin Cosmo and love inspires her to achieve her purpose. But before she can communicate her discovery, she must overcome terrific odds among the terrors and tragedies of the ancient oceans. If she can succeed, the universe will change forever, and profoundly affect the yet-to-evolve human race.

Ripple is available through and Amazon UK. 

Here is an excerpt from Ripple

The females watched and waited. Ripple scanned Aroha’s body and saw the baby positioning for birth.

Pearl was not there, but Ripple felt her presence in the sunlight shining through a thin mist of cloud onto a silvery sea. She breathed and let the cool air blow through her, let it lift the corner of a dark veil inside her. She looked again at the unborn baby.

A baby, she thought, a new dolphin who did not exist before. A miracle.

‘What’s a miracle?’

Ripple gaped. The question had come from the baby!

‘May I speak to her?’ she asked Breeze.

‘Certainly,’ said Breeze, ‘This baby is almost as bad as you were for wanting to communicate.’

‘What’s a miracle?’ asked the baby again.

‘You are,’ said Ripple.

‘I thought I was a dolphin!’

‘You are a dolphin and you’re a miracle too. A miracle is something so wonderful you can hardly believe it’s true. Are you ready to be born?’

‘Breeze has told me everything. But there’s too much to remember.’

‘Relax and listen. All will be well.’

The baby’s tail appeared soon enough. Aroha kept swimming for some time while the baby emerged little by little and then all in a rush. Once free she shot to the surface, squeaked and complained about the light, wriggled and bounced, was sternly reminded to breathe, insisted she’d already breathed, got confused about who was her mother and followed Ripple by mistake. Ripple laughed for the first time in weeks and swam about with the tiny one in her slipstream. She steered her back towards Aroha. All the females were absorbed in the new arrival.

Within minutes they heard the vibrations of their nearby guards fighting off sharks which had smelled the blood. The guards must be doing well; no trace of fear or pain escaped from them to worry the birth party.

‘What will you call her, Aroha? Who shall inform Rigel he has another female descendant?’

Aroha named her baby Rikoriko, for the sparkle of energy she emitted. Rikoriko was appreciating her spacious new world.

‘Miracle!’ she squealed, ‘Miracle! Miracle! Everything’s a miracle!’

Ripple had never seen anything so perfect as this miniature dolphin, so smooth and flexible, with eyes and spirit clear and clean. Rikoriko’s own freedom from grief and sorrow banished such burdens from all those who looked at her. Ripple wanted to keep her for herself, but Aroha was also healed by the arrival of Rikoriko and would not allow Ripple to abduct her daughter, although it seemed as if Rikoriko would’ve been happy to be kidnapped by Ripple. That faded when she tasted her mother’s milk.

‘Miracle!’ said Rikoriko at the first sip.

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