Sneak Peek: Three Stones of Destiny

Today we have a sneak peek from the fantasy novel by Paul M Vander Loos, Three Stones of Destiny.

Mirrortac is found guilty of sacrilege against the god of his ancestral cousins, the roznogh, after he steals their most sacred object of power, the Werdstone. Worse, he later kidnaps its keeper in a mission to liberate three planets from enslavement by the god Yidu – a much revered deity of an alien master race. The key to his power lies in three mysterious stones, all of which connect to the Werdstone.

Mirrortac not only loses face, but also his mind, leaving his three children and an unlikely ally the only ones who can ensure the success of his ambitious quest.

Three Stones of Destiny is available through and Amazon UK.

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Video Trailer: The Great Promise

The Great Promise is journey into the hell of war, the hearts of the men engaging in battle, and the search for closure for those left in its wake. Intimately descriptive and bracingly honest it transcends the reader beyond the historical depiction of war, transporting them into the trenches through the use of compelling journal entries. It is also a story of a promise made between four friends prior to their first battle; a promise unkept for nearly one-hundred years, until a grandson attempts to fulfill it.

The Great Promise, the World War I historical book by Frederick L. Coxen, is available through, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.

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Book Brief: The Farewell Season

The Farewell Season
by Ann Herrick
Genre: Young Adult Coming of Age
Word count: 43,500

A story of how love endures and love heals.

Eric and Glynnie go from butting heads to grudging friendship to something more…

Eric used to think he’d live forever, but not any more. Now football season is about to start, and Eric hopes he can live life normally again after the

death of his father through his participation in the sport. He doesn’t yet realize that he is angry with his father for dying.

Eric’s refusal to truly face his grief results in unexpected feelings such as anger at his coach, increased fights with his sister, resentment of added

responsibilities in helping his mother, and disillusionment with football. He even gets into a fight with his best friend, Rolf, who never fights anyone.

Eric rails against his mother’s friendship with Paul Lindquist, his father’s business partner, and he’s suspicious of the guy in a black pickup who keeps showing up around town. He’s also ticked that even his coach seems a little too interested in his mother.

It takes a special relationship with Glynnie, a new friend, who is dealing with the divorce of her parents to see that the only way to get through his grief is by grieving.

This book is available from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

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A Helping Hand…Confound those compounds

Compound adjectives (modifiers):  another department in the punctuation shop with which (unedited) books seem to be inundated…uncompounded.  Writers (and their editors) seem to struggle with them. Compound adjectives are when two words are linked with a hyphen to form one descriptive word. So, let’s try and make it simple…

The room was furnished with a four-poster bed

The room was furnished with a four poster bed would be incorrect. If you were to take out one of those words describing the bed, you would be left with a four bed or a poster bed; and that makes no sense, does it? Hyphenating four poster makes the idea a single one. Continue reading “A Helping Hand…Confound those compounds”