Sneak Peek: The Alien Artifact 2

The Alien Artifact 2Today we have a sneak peek from author Victor Bertolaccini’s science fiction book, The Alien Artifact 2.

A new movie-style potential blockbuster sci-fi/horror adventure classic (sequel to The Alien Artifact)! Leading global scientists, military, archaeologists, hunters, and treasure explorers uncover a colossal fifteen-mile alien artifact, voyager from beyond space and time, after it has been buried away for millions of years on a desolate Pacific island, in an immense crater, and they enter it, and awaken a hideous monstrous red blood devil-like alien entity/transcendent, from its form of suspended animation – fully revived, and deadly – with powers capable destroying the galaxy.

The Alien Artifact 2 is available at, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other major online retailers.

And now, an excerpt from The Alien Artifact 2

On and on the entity/transcendent in its voyager hurtled through the outer limits of space and time – chasing the first and original entity/transcendent in its voyager into this universe – with a determination almost inconceivable.

It might have materialized out of the realms of hell, from beyond reality, with its blood red devil features, and giant demon shape, glowing, altering, whirling, within hideous energy surges – while it consistently stopped itself and voyager vanishing, out of space and time, and back into their original energy states.

Unlike the first it took the form of an enormous blood red devil-like monster, with its giant demon shape glowing in flickers against its circular wall, while it shifted like a distorted grotesque wild killer lion, ready for the kill.

Parts of its composition frequently altering into its original entity/transcendent state, and altering into other things, while it almost altered into things it had killed.

Its voyager, unlike the first entity/transcendent’s voyager, was also enormous, and powered by vast unstable energy explosions, across space and time, which were so powerful that they ripped at the fabric of space and time, and made it unbalanced, temporary warped, and almost crack – across light years of space – with only its protective energy shield and voyager stability holding it from the effects, which many nearby worlds orbiting stars were subjected to in its field – in the form of time jumps, warps, decelerations, accelerations, and leaps through space – and whole worlds being thrown out of space and time entirely.

Star formations flashed by, as it continued its pursuit, and expedition of exploration, through the vast depths of the universe, with the massive sphere of light from its propulsion system floating across the blackness like a ghost.

Through mind-boggling accuracy and use of its vast powers it explored the unexplored stars of the universe – searching for the other entity/transcendent – voyaging through the central galaxies – exploring vast billions of galaxies throughout the expanse of space and time – while transforming its voyager and existence further from their original pure energy states, to normal space and time states that it encountered.

Thus, even with its vast abilities and powers, while it was exiting this galaxy, after almost colliding with a star, exactly as the other entity/transcendent had done, it also crashed into the Earth – leaving its alien artifact buried away for millions of years – with the entity/transcendent inside – waiting to be found, and revived – but with powers capable of destroying the galaxy.


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