Santa Select

And no one was happy,
Not even St. Nick.

‘Twas the day after Christmas
And the outlook was dour.
All the Indies were moping,
Even Santa was sour.

“I’ve tried and tried
All that I could
To help Indie Authors;
To make things good.”

I looked at the fat man
And said with a smile
“But surely your reviews
Will go live in a while”

“I’m afraid not, Dear,
I got an email from ‘Zon
Accusing me of sock-puppetry
That my reviews were a con.”

He stared out the window
With an expression so sad
The Zon had blocked Santa
This was really bad. Continue reading “Santa Select”

The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)

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The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)

My wife posed a simple question last month. It’s the same one I hear every year. “What would you like for Christmas?” I gave the standard reply and thought that was the end of the discussion. It wasn’t. She evidently doesn’t believe I have everything I could possibly want or need because she’s asked the same question almost every day since.

This is a technique that our teenagers taught her, and it’s quite effective in driving me nuts. She knows that one of my pet peeves is redundancy. More accurately, I don’t like to repeat myself. So after weeks of persistent pestering I promised to make her a list.

I finally sat down and came up with a list of things for her to choose from this past weekend. It occurred to me that many of these would be perfect for any writer. With that in mind, feel free to save this list and share it with friends and family for next year. Who knows? You might get lucky. Continue reading “The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)”