Sneak Peek: The Gift

The Gift Tegon MausToday we have a sneak peek from the new fantasy novel by Author Tegon Maus: The Gift – The Chronicles Of Tucker Littlefield.

This novel is told from the perspective of Tucker Littlefield, who, before being threatened into an affair which does not involve him, is a fairly ordinary man… with the exception of a reputation for being self-interested. In an attempt to win the king’s gratitude, Littlefield pulls Elizabeth, the king’s seven-year-old niece, to safety during an attack by the Jonda. Even so, they manage to escape with the child. It is no easy road with many twists ahead. Littlefield and his companions face not only the hardships of their differences, but the power of outside forces working desperately against them.

The Gift – The Chronicles Of Tucker Littlefield is available through, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble. 

And now, an excerpt from The Gift: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: The Gift”

Featured Author: Christie Meierz

Christie Meierz was born in Chicago and grew up in southern California. She began writing at the age of seven, pouring her young heart into an epic that took five years to write – and which she is thankful has been lost to posterity. All she remembers of it now is that Barnabas Collins played a significant role in it.

While her loved ones told her repeatedly over the years that she had a gift for writing, it wasn’t until her children were grown and she was recovering from a serious illness that she set out to write a novel. Over the course of a summer spent engrossed in writing, she produced two novels, half of a third, parts of a fourth, and an even half dozen short stories and novelettes, all set in her Tolari universe. Her debut novel, The Marann, is the first of the two complete novels. It quickly caught the attention of readers and made it onto seven category bestseller lists on Amazon, including the top 100 bestsellers in science fiction & fantasy, making it into the top 10 in space opera bestsellers. She couldn’t be more thrilled with its success.

When she’s not writing, Christie can be found reading, quilting, knitting, and trying (unsuccessfully) to keep her menfolk from telling odious puns. Continue reading “Featured Author: Christie Meierz”

Let’s Make A Deal

Imagine for a moment that a Big 6 publisher like Random Penguin, Simon, Garfunkel & Schuster, or Harley-Quinn comes knocking at your door. They want to add you to their select stable of published authors. You—yes, you—will now be among the anointed. All you have to do is take the deal. Just sign on the dotted line.

Don’t worry your pretty little head about the fine print. All that stuff about rights and royalties is for the lawyers to worry about. You do have an attorney versed in the specialized field of international copyright and intellectual property law don’t you? Well, never mind then. I’m sure the very reputable publishing firm had their top people go over the contract.

Let’s pull back the curtain and tell them what they’ve won, Johnny. Continue reading “Let’s Make A Deal”