The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)

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The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)

My wife posed a simple question last month. It’s the same one I hear every year. “What would you like for Christmas?” I gave the standard reply and thought that was the end of the discussion. It wasn’t. She evidently doesn’t believe I have everything I could possibly want or need because she’s asked the same question almost every day since.

This is a technique that our teenagers taught her, and it’s quite effective in driving me nuts. She knows that one of my pet peeves is redundancy. More accurately, I don’t like to repeat myself. So after weeks of persistent pestering I promised to make her a list.

I finally sat down and came up with a list of things for her to choose from this past weekend. It occurred to me that many of these would be perfect for any writer. With that in mind, feel free to save this list and share it with friends and family for next year. Who knows? You might get lucky.

Gift Ideas (in no particular order)

1. Vegas Vacation – This is strictly for research purposes…for the book. There may not be a Vegas scene in the book at the moment, but that’s because you probably don’t have enough information to write one. With a long weekend jaunt to this amazing city I’m sure it would provide all the material needed. It would also be a good idea to invite some close friends on this research vacation. Interacting with them would help with writing group scenes.

2. Tickets to Comic Con and DragonCon – These people march to the beat of a different guitar. What better place is there to find inspiration for character creation for your stories? Yes, it’s true that some of the costumes can be rather skimpy. Just promise your spouse that you will avert your eyes, or at the very least wear dark shades.

3. New laptop (Digital Storm X17E Gaming Laptop) – Considered one of the fastest laptops in the world, running at 4.5GHz with 32GB of RAM, you could write books on this for years to come. Don’t let the ‘gamer laptop’ title throw you. I’m sure it does games very well, but that’s not why you want it. It’s the perfect writing tool. Just stick with that story. Act surprised when a few random games from an anonymous source show up under the tree for you.

4. Writers Retreat at the Stanley Hotel – Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this is the hotel made famous in The Shining by Stephen King. Try to book room #217 if you can. What else is there to say? Redrum.

5. Publicity – All writers like publicity, even the ones who won’t admit it. You could buy a large ad in the local paper and push their latest books. Talking a local bookstore into letting them do book signings would be a huge gift. Publicity doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the thought that counts. Gifting their book(s) to friends would be a nice gesture. Getting their names tattooed on a visible part of your body would be the ultimate in publicity though.

6. New Zealand Vacation – Home to Middle-earth and the exciting J.R.R. Tolkien movies by Peter Jackson, the breathtaking scenery found here can only be described as inspirational. If the cost seems to be too much, then talk your spouse into saving money by purchasing a 65” television and the movies on DVD.

7. Amazon Gift Card – Nothing says I love you quite like a gift card for Amazon. Collect enough of these and you might be able to afford the Digital Storm X17E laptop. Then you will just have to wait for Amazon to carry it on their site.

8. Lottery Tickets – The struggling writers in your life will probably never hit it big, but they can they can fend off starvation with a lottery win. If you’re lucky they may even take you to New Zealand or Vegas.

9. Exotic Sports Car – A Bugatti Veyron would be the ultimate gift, but a 600HP Dodge Viper would work as well. You may ask what this has to do with writing, and that’s a good question. These cars are crowd magnets. Picture the writer pulling up at the local Barnes & Noble with a stack of his or her books in the front seat. Imagine how many could be sold at impromptu (and unofficial) book signings.

10. Support – All writers, published or aspiring, need the support of family and friends. An encouraging word and a hug can go a long way. Giving them the time they need to write and being understanding when they’re ‘in the zone’ is a present you can give all year ’round.

Author: K.D. Rush

KD Rush is a South Carolina native currently working on several short stories and his debut novel, The Guild Inc., a supernatural thriller. He documents his writing journey at his blog, and here at Indies Unlimited in a monthly column called The Learning Curve. He also tweets daily at @KD_Rush.

20 thoughts on “The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (for the writer in your life)”

  1. Nice post, KD, thanks. You must have a good marriage; my wife and I ask each other the same question every year: “You don’t want anything for Christmas, do you?” 🙂
    Let me know if snag the trip to Vegas – I’d like to offer my services as your bodyguard. Otherwise, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the Viper. Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful holiday season, buddy.

    1. Thanks Chris. I’ve not given up hope for the Viper. Although, I did manage a 65″ television this year. Don’t ask me how I got that one approved. 🙂

    1. If you have ever shown up at the airport without ANY form of identification an expected to get on an airplane then we have a lot in common. 🙂

      Merry Christmas and holiday wishes!

  2. What a list! I salivated and then showed it to Hubby who said “Bah Humbug!” and went back to moping about waiting for Christmas to be over. I’ll have to stick with the last item on your list and thanks to everyone who helps me through the grey days. I hope you get the laptop. 🙂

  3. Tickets to Comicon and Dragoncon would definitely kickstart a character study or two! Nice list. I’ll have to show it to my sweetie. I’m thinking he’d take the Bugatti for himself…

    1. I couldn’t blame him DV. That’s actually my top pick on the list as well. 🙂

      My wife said that I only need to sell five million copies of the book I’m working on then that fun machine is all mine.

  4. It’s good to have goals. I think this list is perfect for the tax man as well. I know that trip to Vegas didn’t result in a scene set in Vegas, Mr. Taxman, but sometimes research tells you not to do something. Right?

  5. number one on my list is a few hours of peace and quiet, so I can write — I like your list, too! Merry Christmas!

    1. I found staying up late or getting up early seems to be the less chaotic part of the day for writing. Half that time is spent on the Internet. For research purposes of course. 🙂

      Happy holidays!

  6. You wild and crazy guy. Be glad that the lovely Mrs. KD kept asking about what you would like. I had my list all ready and photocopied, but alas no one asked for it! ;( Have a wonderful holiday, my friend. (and write some, okay?) ;)))

    1. You should post that list on the Internet. I hear Santa has an entire team of elves dedicated to digital Christmas wishes. 🙂

      Thanks Jo. I have a break in the work schedule for a few weeks, and I’m trying to make the most of it. 🙂

      Happy holidays!

  7. Gosh! I want a follow-up on this…I want to know how many you got! I religiously get asked what I want for Xmas. I dutifully say, ‘nothing, honey, all I want is you’, but all I get is a ha-ha, very funny, now…what do you want. So I come up with some reasonable, very desirable ideas. And then what do I get?…no, you don’t REALLY want one of those, do you? Men.

    1. lol – Most of us (men) are quite simple. You only need to tell us something once, then remind us a few weeks later. It also helps to write it down and post it in various places we are most likely to see it. Pinning the list on the fridge is not as effective as taping it to the six-pack in the fridge. Also, taping the list to the television works well too. 🙂

      My wife did let me have the 65″ television from the list above. We’re still in discussion over the Dodge Viper and Vegas trip. I’ll let you know how those turn out. 🙂

      Happy holidays Cathy!

  8. Nice list, KD, chance would be a fine thing. When asked, I always answer, honestly, ‘Surprise me!’ I then seriously dismiss any expectations of getting a present; expecting nothing, I’m always totally blown away by anything I receive.

    I like your list though, KD, nice post.

    1. Thanks TD. I tend to buy presents for the people in my life all year long. It’s that surprise element that I enjoy the most. This is harder to pull off at X-mas. 🙂

      Happy holidays mate!

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