Sneak Peek: The Scrolls of Xavier

the scrolls of xavier Today we have a sneak peek of author John Ashley’s new science-fiction/action-adventure novel: The Scrolls of Xavier.

In order to shed light upon the dangerous secrets of the vast, new planet, Xavier997, Captain Michael Dawn must go across its globe to recover five ancient artifacts whose purpose and creators are unknown. The path to these items is wrought with every danger Xavier can throw at him, including the primitive, yet cunning tribes of aliens that defend them. If he cannot overcome these challenges then the Scrolls will never be found.

Without the Scrolls, Xavier will be lost. With them, it might be even worse.

The Scrolls of Xavier is available from Amazon US, Amazon UKBarnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Here is an excerpt from The Scrolls of Xavier: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: The Scrolls of Xavier”

Hollywood Bound:
Stage 32 and the Big Picture

Guest post
by Virginia McKevitt

Have you ever had someone tell you your book would make a great movie? I’ve had people tell me that before (and not just my family or friends who want a free book). Readers who I have never met have written to me on several occasions and have made comments to that effect.

Its flattering and I love it but could it happen? My and your best chances might just be in the following post. Continue reading “Hollywood Bound:
Stage 32 and the Big Picture”

You Are Here

When you go into most any large modern building, whether an office complex or a shopping mall, you may find a little information kiosk with a map. On the map, there will be an indication, a little x or a dot, that shows you where you are standing in relation to everything else in the building. It usually reads, “You are here.”

Indie writers work hard. We keep our heads down and plow forward. It’s not too terribly surprising to find that when we pause to look up from our work every once in a while that we really don’t have a good idea where we are.

The chart at left is an illustration of where you are. The three colored triangles represent the three broadly achievable goals being  wealth or fame or respect. You’ll note some slight overlap between those triangles. A small percentage of writers may become famous and wealthy, or famous and respected, or wealthy and respected. Continue reading “You Are Here”