Laurie Boris Announces Her New Novel

Author Laurie Boris is pleased to announce the release of her new novel, Don’t Tell Anyone.

When pneumonia lands Estelle Trager unconscious in the emergency room, it ruins everything for the stubborn 65-year-old woman. She’d been keeping a secret—a deadly secret—that she’d planned on taking to the grave. But now her son Adam and his wife, Liza, know about her tumors. Adam is outraged, but Estelle, who watched her mother and grandmother suffer from breast cancer in the days when no one dared speak its name, has no intention of putting her family or herself through the horrors of cancer treatment. Estelle decides there is only one solution: ask Liza, the 33-year-old daughter-in-law she once called a godless hippie raised by wolves, to kill her.

A horrified Liza refuses and keeps the request—among other things—a secret from her furious husband. But she tells his younger brother, Charlie, a close friend from college with whom she shares her own confidences, despite Adam’s serious case of sibling rivalry. Armed with nutrition textbooks and her neighbor, a savvy nurse, can Liza win over her mother-in-law and convince her to consider other options before the cancer, the secrets, and Estelle’s determination to end her life win out?

Don’t Tell Anyone is currently available in print and ebook format from, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.


Sneak Peek: Unclaimed Legacy

Today we have a sneak peek from author Deborah Heal’s young adult novel: Unclaimed Legacy.

“Time-surfing,” Abby said, “is like being there, except no one knows it.”

“Whatever you call it,” John said, “that was crazy! I was in that guy’s head.”

Abby’s weird computer program is working again, and this time they use it to help the Old Dears next door with their family tree. They learn more about one of the ladies’ ancestors than they ever wanted to know. But while they’re rummaging around in a murderer’s head, they discover the truth of God’s promise to bless a thousand generations … and a legacy waiting to be reclaimed.

Unclaimed Legacy is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble.

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Smashwords Sunday Fiesta-val

With the holidays upon us, we cast our eyes toward the fun and family and food of the season. Whether you are preparing a banquet, or looking for new and different dishes you can implement once that new years’ resolution kicks in, Smashwords has you covered. This week on Smashwords Sunday, we feature cookbooks.

Feast your eyes upon some of these titles. There is something for every palate.

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Book Brief: Fractured Facade

Fractured Facade
by Elena DeRosa
Genre: Suspense
104,000 words

Marie’s peaceful life in Virginia is shattered the moment she receives word from her brother: “I just got a call from a detective. Daddy’s dead.” Rushing to her family home in Brooklyn, New York, Marie seeks answers to her father’s mysterious death only to discover disturbing occurrences and encounter acts of betrayal.

After her questions are amplified and suspicions confirmed surrounding her father’s ex-girlfriend, Marie becomes frustrated by how oblivious so many had been, and continue to be, to the wily con-artist.

Inheriting her father’s scheming ex-girlfriend becomes a journey Marie never imagined she’d be forced to travel.

Written as memoir, and based on a true story, “Fractured Facade” is a cautionary tale for anyone concerned about a parent after the loss of their spouse. The survivor, often thrust into an unfamiliar world, can find it quite different from the dating scene of their youth; one where some people create facades to mask their true intentions. Sadly, loneliness can cause an otherwise intelligent person to behave foolishly.

“Fractured Facade” is the tale of a father’s death, a daughter’s life, and a sociopath’s vendetta.

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