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Sneak Peek: Golden Boys

Today we have a sneak peek from the romantic suspense novel by author Amber Green: Golden Boys.

This story opens quietly, with Ethan coming home from his disappointing job only to find his strongly health-conscious mother deep-frying for dinner–a sure omen that painful discussions will follow the blessing. She’s invited deadpan FBI agent Ron Sweet to convince Ethan that he can’t actually be gay. Uncle Ron has a different plan. A few hours later, Ethan is embroiled in a whirlwind of enduring love and stark violence.

Golden Boys is available from Amazon US, and Amazon UK.

And now, an excerpt from Golden BoysContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Golden Boys”

Writer’s Block? Yes, Please!

A Guest Post
by J. B. Brooklin

A lot has been written about writer’s block but what about those who can’t stop writing? Nothing! I have surfed the web, researched libraries but came up without a shred of information. Apparently this is not a common problem or if so nobody dares to admit that they can’t stop writing. Continue reading “Writer’s Block? Yes, Please!”

The Benefits of Anthologies

This post is about an under-appreciated form of “platform building” that has a lot more side advantages than the ones you normally hear about. The concept of “platform” has become distorted. Originally it meant that you have a presence or recognition that will fuel sales. You’re a famous athlete, a major radio preacher, a business seminar star, a slut who sleeps with politicians: a ready-made brand for your work. I always said that a platform isn’t something you do or get, it’s who you are. Continue reading “The Benefits of Anthologies”