David Antrobus Announces New Title

Author David Antrobus is happy to announce the release of his new non-fiction satire book, Endless Joke.

Endless Joke is a collection of essays. It’s funny. It’s irritating. It’s the book you never realised you needed. But you do. If you want to stay safe (not to mention sane) between the twists and turns and death throes of the old publishing monster and the anarchic new killing fields of epublishing, this book will help in that regard. Often wearing its sometimes snarky heart on its sleeve, a lifetime’s love of the written word fills its pages. In short, it’s composed of equal parts passion, humour, angst and a kind of bewildered, contemplative awe.

Endless Joke was released in October 2012 and is available on Amazon.com, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

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8 thoughts on “David Antrobus Announces New Title”

  1. So that’s what you’ve been up to, David… looks good I’ll have to check it out. Hope you had a good Christmas, I hope you have a great Hogmanay, and may you have a superb 2013, my friend.

  2. David, I knew about your wonderful collection but I still want to say a very hearty, heartfelt, heart-bursting congratulations. No matter what you write- fiction or non-fiction, horror or literary fiction, the reader is absolutely assured of excellent writing with a keen, sometimes razor sharp edge. I have this collection awaiting my 2013, and I know without any speck of doubt, I will enjoy reading it – thoroughly and completely. I hope your 2013 is healthy, happy and filled with great words :)))

  3. Congratulations once again David, I have it on my kindle now too and I’m sure your advice will come in very useful for me in 2013. It’s really funny too btw 🙂

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