Linton Robinson Announces New Title

Author Linton Robinson is pleased to announce the release of his new romantic crime comedy, Bailin’.

Lovebird bank robbers Cole and Bunny were doing OK shooting and looting and hot-wheeling in Texas, but now they’ve got a millionaire embezzler on their hands. And are dealing with bounty hunters, the law, a psycho hitman, and nutso border bikers with a rocket chopper. But they still manage to get the drop, crack the jokes, and smooch up a storm. Comic crime with a unique twist, but also a cock-eyed romance.

Bailin’ was released in January 2013 by Adoro Books and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

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6 thoughts on “Linton Robinson Announces New Title”

  1. Smile when you say that, pardner. Gettin’ the sample of this East By-God Texas romp was like doing gateway drugs. Just had to have the rest. Well done, Lin.

  2. Congratulations it sounds like a book with lots of plot twists which are always fun. Good luck!

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