Sneak Peek: Tangled Omens

Today we have a sneak peek from the epic fantasy novel by Joni Parker: Tangled Omens.

The second novel in the Seaward Isle Saga finds the young female warrior, Lady Alexin, assigned the mission of tracking a pirate spy. Alex’s adventures continue as she is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Seaward Isle and in her new role as a Tracker, she will experience new aspects of her own gifts bestowed on her by her Titan and Elf ancestors.

Tangled Omens is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from Tangled Omens

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Psst….I’m a Writer

Alright! This is top secret information. I have confidential and restricted data that cannot reach the ears of the ‘not one of us’. They are out there. I see them everyday. Ignorant faces pasted upon wobbly heads, they swirl and contort, exuding meaningless froth from misplaced orifices.

My ‘never to be revealed’ encounters with them have left me tongue-tied. My otherwise pompous brain quietly switches off, leaving me incapable of intelligent dialogue. Faint whispers flee my lips, their battered frames jumping to harsh premature deaths. This makes them smile, they enjoy the discomfort. The air around us is heavy with guilt and insecurity, suffocation humbly waits its turn. Continue reading “Psst….I’m a Writer”

Online Editing Tools: Can They Fix Your Grammarly?

Since half of writing is editing, there is a definite appeal to the idea of online tools that can help with the process. But no matter how good a computer algorithm is, it cannot write a novel. Call me master of the obvious, but based on anecdotes I have heard recently, the obvious needed to be stated. Apparently, some folks expect the sophistication of an online program to be on par with Jeopardy!’s Watson so they can sit back and drink margaritas while the program automatically fixes everything that doesn’t conform to the Chicago Manual of Style–and all for the low, low price of $29.95. Continue reading “Online Editing Tools: Can They Fix Your Grammarly?”

Let’s Talk About Me: Writing Your Bio

Your author photo?

Hi! I’m Anita Smoke and I write because I breathe! I right in many genres which makes my fans very happy. I never know what type of story I’ll be writing next! I was born in California but moved to Texas, Chicago, and finally Virginia when I married my soulmate. We’ve got four furry children, and boy is the bed crowded! When I’m not writing, I’m running the styrofoam boat races in my neighborhood, knitting snap-on extension panels for leg warmers, and developing a myriad of recipes for boil-in-bag toast. Stay turned for my next book! It’s coming soon!

Seriously – is that the type of impression you want potential customers to get when they read your biography? Are you looking for readers or for a new bff?

Your biography is basically your resume and cover letter built into one. The facts need to be there; they need to be presented with the right amount of friendliness and professionalism. It can be a very tough balance to achieve. So, here are some tips to help you create, update, and/or revamp your author biography. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Me: Writing Your Bio”