Russil Tamsen Announces New Release

Author Russil Tamsen is pleased to announce the release of his new flash fiction collection, Burst.

Slightly demented stories inspired by actual dreams. This collection of 130 quick reads is perfect for when you’re sitting on the john, or you’re needing a quick fiction nibble over lunch. Or you’re just feeling too A.D.D. to commit to a novel. Destined to become the kind of cult classic that William S. Burroughs would pass around to his friends. Also influenced by Tom Robbins and Chuck Palahniuk. BURST is full of memorable, off-kilter characters entangled in uncomfortable comedies of errors and misadventures: from a Guy Ritchie informed thug to telepathic aliens, and more!

Burst was released by in January 2013 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

Sneak Peek: Arabelle’s Shadows

Today we have a sneak peek from author Fleur Gaskin’s young adult novel, Arabelle’s Shadows.

Arabelle’s life is coming together. She’s confident, she has great friends, and she’s dating Naak! But Bangkok has too many models. Arabelle’s broke and Naak isn’t as wonderful as he first appears. Slowly the Shadows creep back into Arabelle’s mind, bringing with them thoughts of hopelessness and despair. The vile Shadows know something Arabelle’s refusing to remember. If she’s not careful, they’ll use it to destroy her.

Based on a true story, Arabelle’s Shadows takes us on a journey through the struggles of growing up, not quite making it as an international model, and attempting to overcome a crushing depression.

Arabelle’s Shadows is available through, Amazon UK, SmashwordsKobo, and other online retailers.

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IU Poll: Buying Bestseller Status

If you’ve read the story about authors using a marketing firm to buy their way onto the New York Times bestseller list, we’d like to know your opinion. Is this just a clever marketing stratagem? Is it unethical? Should changes be made to prevent this statistical vulnerability from being exploited? Tell us what you think:

Should a marketing firm be able to get its clients on the NYT bestseller list in the manner described in the article?

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Book Brief: The Biker (A Matt Stark Novel)

The Biker (A Matt Stark Novel)
by JD Mader
Genre: Urban Western
Word count: 50,000

San Francisco is a small city with big problems. When Matt Stark witnesses his father’s murder, he decides to rid the city of one of its problems – the man with the scars. Matt is dangerous with his fists. He is good on a motorcycle. Vengeance is new to him, but he is a quick study. With the help of his childhood friend, Striker, and the beautiful and mysterious Maria, Matt decides to find his father’s killer and even the score. “The City” has many secrets, however, as Matt discovers as he embarks on a quest for justice that will make him question everything he thought he knew.

This book is available in print or kindle formats from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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