Lita Burke Announces New Title

Author Lita Burke is pleased to announce the release of her new fantasy clockpunk novel, Ephraim’s Curious Device.

Wizard Kadmeion struggles with his new magician-for-hire business. With their funds running low, things get worse when a nobleman kidnaps the wizard’s familiar. Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright must find Ephraim’s Curious Device and use it to free their friend Furgo.

Clues lead them to an oracle’s riddle with three impossible tasks. Even worse, they must go to one of the dying lands, a place where magic has soured. They battle revengeful harpies and hungry magician-eating wraiths to solve the oracle’s riddle. Then Kadmeion must somehow deliver Ephraim’s Curious Device to His Lordship before time runs out for Furgo.

Ephraim’s Curious Device was released in December 2012 and is currently available from, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.

Sneak Peek: When the Levee Breaks

Today we have a sneak peek from author Mathieu Gallant’s apocalyptic science fiction novel, When the Levee Breaks.

In 2026, Robert Hendricks is searching for a place to hole up. The power grid is in shambles, and things are getting desperate. After a string of bad luck, and a decision to pitch in with relief efforts at the Saint John Regional Hospital, he comes face-to-face with his destiny, 153 years in the future. The story is only half told, and the worst is yet to come. What terrible memories still await the reclusive cab driver from Atlantic Canada?

When the Levee Breaks is available from and Amazon UK.

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Introducing Author Final Solutions

Now that the feds have been adequately mollified that there is absolutely no funny business or collusion of any kind going on in the traditional publishing world, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new imprint to cater to the needs of the indie writing community.

Author Final Solutions represents a new frontier in the publishing industry. There is no longer any need to suffer the confusion and frustration of rejection by big-name publishing houses. If you have the money to show that you’re dedicated and talented enough, we’ll sign you.

A lot of people toss around the phrase “vanity press.” Author Final Solutions is a new hybrid organization that combines the functionality of a vanity press with new names for things. Sure, whatever you want to get done will cost you money—we call that author funded—but that helps us reduce our overhead, allowing us to pass the savings along to you.

We’ll run off enough of your books to fill your garage. You can take those books and try to sell them to friends and family or even bookstores! You do believe in your book, don’t you? Why, they’ll practically sell themselves. You’ll make that $50,000 initial investment back in no time at all.

By signing with Author Final Solutions, you’ll have the prestige of an imprint operated by a company that is a subsidiary to a division of a corporation that owns a controlling share in a big-time publisher. That’s practically the same thing!

And because we also believe in you, you’ll have the security of an iron-clad contract with us. You won’t ever have to worry about taking your book elsewhere. Ever.

So line up indies, and don’t forget those credit cards. We’re ready to deal with you once and for all.

Author Final Solutions is a subsidiary of Hoax House Publishing, an Imprint of Penguin Pretense Intellectual Properties, a division of Random Wreckage Litigation and Scamwell International.

Book Brief: Forbidden Territory

Forbidden Territory
by Melissa Pearl and Brenda Howson
Genre: YA Thriller/Survival/Romance
Word count: 62,000

Mica and Lexy have been best friends and next-door neighbours since they were eight years old. They share everything and have no secrets from each other until… Tom arrives on Mica’s doorstep – a gorgeous exchange student from England. And Lexy is smitten.

Suddenly both girls are keeping secrets. Mica is hiding news about Tom’s English girlfriend and Lexy hasn’t got the heart to tell her best friend that her brother Eli, the guy Mica is mad on, thinks of her as only a friend.

After a massive fight, the girls decide the best way to mend their friendship is to spend some quality time together. And what better way than to go camping away from their parents and why not invite along the guys they are crushing on.

So the four teenagers embark on a geo-caching expedition into New Zealand’s native bush expecting a long weekend filled with flirtatious fun; instead secrets are exposed as they stumble across a hidden marijuana crop and its gun-wielding watchmen. Forced apart they spend the next forty-eight hours racing blindly in opposite directions as they fight to find each other before the hunters do.

This book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Continue reading “Book Brief: Forbidden Territory”