Sneak Peek: The Neurology of Angels

Today we have a sneak peek from author Krista Tibbs’ lab lit novel, The Neurology of Angels.

Every day a choice must be made between saving one child and treating thousands.

Galen is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur who loses everything to develop a cure for stroke. Eddy is a devoted father who enters politics on a mission to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Elizabeth is a pharmaceutical industry lawyer who is raising a daughter with a rare and fatal genetic illness. Their families become forever entwined as the three parents engage in a tug-of-war over a failing system of good intentions. In the wake, heroes are born.

The Neurology of Angels is available through, Amazon UK, SmashwordsBarnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Here is an excerpt from The Neurology of AngelsContinue reading “Sneak Peek: The Neurology of Angels”

Getting It Right: The Garden State

“Welcome to Newark, a city in renaissance.” – A Continental Flight Attendant, 2002.

I never realized that there was anything wrong with being from New Jersey until I began to travel for business. It became quickly apparent to me that N.J. had a bad rep. How had I missed this? Had my highly-tuned female powers of observation failed me? Had I hidden in my subconscious mind the stigma associated with a N.J. birthplace? I decided to call my close friend, Bruce Springsteen, to see what he thought. Continue reading “Getting It Right: The Garden State”

The 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology Now in Print!

Great news: the Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology is now available in print! It will look great on your coffee table, bookshelf, and even in your hands while reading.

We’ve got two editions available; both contain the outstanding collection of works from flash fiction all-stars. The Standard version sports black and white photos to keep the price at an economical $7.99. The Deluxe edition’s pages are rich with luxurious full color photographs for those who demand the very best.

Photographs by K. S. Brooks. Prompts by Stephen Hise. Authors with stories in the anthology include: David Antrobus, Gabrielle Baer, Brian Beam, Robert K. Blechman, Laurie Boris, William C. Busch, Sandra Campbell, Lynne Cantwell, Kent Chapman, Ed Drury, E.J. Fechenda, Terveen Gill, Yvonne Hertzberger, Jacqueline Hopkins, Chris James, Jerriann Law, Bob Lock, Pam Logan, Monica Baguchinsky Lunn, JD Mader, Brianna Lee McKenzie, Teirrah McNair, Donna B. McNicol, Rich Meyer, SP Mount, J. L. Murray, Stephanie Myers, Angela Rigley, Betsy Riley, Marc Emile Samuel, Irina Serban, Shiri Sondheimer, Dianna Stover, Krista Tibbs, Dick C. Waters, Sally Whitney, Renee Pierce Williams, and Carol Wyer.

The Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology is AVAILABLE NOW at Createspace – Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. If you’re one of the authors, make sure to check your email for your special discount coupon! You can also find the books, including the eBook for only 99 cents! on Don’t be the last kid on the block to get one!

Indie News Beat: Special Report

Is Amazon about to create a used e-book market?

If you enjoyed giving your books away on free days in KDP Select, then you’re going to love Amazon’s next idea: to allow copies of “used” e-books to be bought and sold second hand, as with physical books. Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Special Report”